Resume - Kara Aharon

A creative musician now working in informal education - Who I am, what I do, what I've done.

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Resume - Kara Aharon by Mind Map: Resume - Kara Aharon

1. Experience - music and theater

1.1. Community Center (Matnas), Yerucham - Vocal arrangements, conducting and accompaniment in ceremonies, organize and accompany community sing-alongs.

1.2. Hotel Breashit, Mitzpe Ramon - pianist with wide repertoir of songs from various styles, countries and time periods.

1.3. LOGON (Light Opera Group of the Negev) - Orchestra and rehearsal pianist, assistant musical director.

1.4. Theater workshop and theater track, Arad - composer and pianist for theater productions.

1.5. Negev Theater - Accompany shows for all ages, coach singers, set up and run the sound system.

2. 2003 - present - independent educational business

2.1. Develop and run unique English enrichment programs based on songs, drama, games, movement and other activities for children in kindergarten, elementary school and junior high.

2.2. Workshops for teachers on the use of songs, games, drama, rhythm and props in the classroom.

2.3. Interactive workshops for children of all ages.

2.4. Original songs written for EFL students

2.5. Write and stage original musicals performed by students from K-8th grade.

2.6. Afterschool groups for K-6th grade

2.7. Online learn at home course

3. Experience - education

3.1. 2018-current, Yuvaley Hanegev School, Givot Bar

3.1.1. English enrichment for grades 1-6

3.1.2. Drama and film programs for grades 4-5

3.1.3. Skills improvement for grades 4-5

3.1.4. Choir accompaniment

3.2. 2017-2019 Ben Atar School, Dimona

3.2.1. Write and stage a musical with parts for each class

3.2.2. "English is Fun" program for grades 1-2

3.3. 2016-current - ORT Sapir JH/HS, Yerucham

3.3.1. Design and teach elective courses to improve spoken English using songs and videos.

3.4. 2013-2016, Hameuchad School, Yerucham

3.4.1. Informal English enrichment

3.4.2. Production of shows and English days.

3.4.3. Develop a program based on songs and games for non-readers, with a success rate of almost 100%.

3.4.4. Responsible for Skype-based communication program with students in Miami, FL.

3.5. 2007-2013, Kol-Yaakov School, Yerucham

3.5.1. Produce annual musical in English including scriptwriting, musical arrangements and recording, directing and stage design.

3.5.2. "English is Fun" program in 1st grade.

3.5.3. Elective classes, including an English band.

3.5.4. Program for outstanding students from 3rd-6th grade.

4. Volunteer work

4.1. Day Center for the Elderly, Yerucham - weekly sing-alongs.

4.2. Afikim Banegev Synagogue - organize children's services and activities led by older children.

5. Personal Details

5.1. Birthday: July 29, 1964

5.2. Contact information

5.2.1. Email: [email protected]

5.2.2. Phone: 972-52-3903306

5.2.3. Address: Nahal Hatira 16, Yerucham, Israel

5.3. On-line profiles




6. Skills

6.1. Professionally trained musician

6.1.1. Pianist

6.1.2. Composer

6.1.3. Conductor

6.1.4. Vocal training

6.1.5. Recording studio

6.2. Drama

6.2.1. Training and experience in drama exercises and the use of drama in education.

6.2.2. Experience writing, directing and accompanying musicals.

6.3. Creativity

6.3.1. Original songs and playscripts

6.3.2. Musical arrangements,

6.3.3. Adaptation of games for EFL teaching.

6.3.4. Improvisation.

6.3.5. Use of technology and adaptation for various educational needs.

6.3.6. Video and ad production

6.4. Languages

6.4.1. English - native speaker

6.4.2. Hebrew - fluent in spoken and written language.

6.4.3. French - basic knowledge.

6.4.4. Arabic - basic knowledge of spoken language.

7. Education

7.1. 2012-2016: Kaye Teachers College, Beer Sheva: B.Ed, Teaching Certification and Youth and Community Worker Certification. Major: Informal Education and Geography - Humans and the Environment

7.2. 1978-1982: Bethlehem Central High School, Delmar, NY, USA. Music and French tracks.

7.3. Additional training

7.3.1. 2016 - SHELTA: Teaching English through Drama

7.3.2. 2016-17 R&D for Charters and Initiatives, Department of Education: Theories and Tools for the Development of Pedagogical Materials

7.3.3. 2016: Yerucham Science Center: Using Technology to Develop HOTS Skills. Makers, 3-D Printing, Introduction to Arduino.

7.3.4. 2012-2014: EVO Drama - On-line drama workshops. Process drama, structuring drama lessons, storytelling

7.3.5. 2003 - Berklee College of Music, Desktop Music Production