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1. Laws

1.1. We have many laws to protect us. Traffic, to sales, to quality of goods.

1.2. USA

1.2.1. There are over 23,000 pages of laws in US Federal law. Over 20,000 specific laws about gun ownership alone!

1.3. Mesopotamia

1.3.1. Hammurabi created and wrote 282 laws to keep people organized and safe

2. Technology

2.1. Mesopotamia


2.1.2. Most technology was developed to help the civilization thrive.

2.2. USA

2.2.1. Most of our technology is based on having an enjoyable lifestyle - convenience, leisure, comfort.

3. Language

3.1. Mesopotamia

3.1.1. Written language called CUNEIFORM. Series of wedges and lines arranged to make symbols/words

3.1.2. Very time consuming to write.

3.1.3. Cuneiform was written by pressing a stylus into clay and letting it harden

3.1.4. 1 Language

3.2. USA

3.2.1. Most common language is ENGLISH. Writing is based on an alphabet, where letters are put together to make sounds and words

3.2.2. Writing can be done w/ pens, pencils and computers on almost any surface.

3.2.3. Hundreds of languages spoken and written

4. Religion

4.1. Mesopotamia

4.1.1. People believed in many gods, which is called POLYTHEISM. To please their gods, offerings were left on the steps of Ziggurats.

4.1.2. Only priests were allowed in the top level of each Ziggurat. They would enjoy the offerings left by the people.

4.1.3. Ziggurats were the central place in each city. Surrounded by activity and bustling people, Ziggurats were busy places.

4.1.4. 1 Religion

4.2. USA

4.2.1. The most common religions in the US are MONOTHEISTIC - meaning people believe in just 1 god.

4.2.2. Holy buildings are called many different names based on the religion - churches, synagogues, mosques, temples.

4.2.3. 313 recognized Religions and Denominations

4.3. People still give offerings (mostly money) to their churches in hopes of pleasing their god.

5. Government

5.1. Mesopotamia

5.2. USA

6. Class Division

6.1. Mesopotamia

6.1.1. 5 class society King, priests, wealthy, poor, slaves

6.2. USA

6.2.1. 4 class society Upper class, middle class, lower class

7. Art

7.1. Mesopotamia

7.1.1. Sculpting

7.1.2. Writing

7.2. USA

7.2.1. Music

7.2.2. Paint / drawing

7.2.3. Writing

7.2.4. Sculpting