Study Skills

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Study Skills by Mind Map: Study Skills

1. Personal Development

1.1. Time Management

1.1.1. Develop and use a schedule

1.1.2. Teach students at the beginning of year so they are prepared.

1.2. Personal Discipline

1.2.1. Schedule helps keep appropriate break length

1.3. Self-Monitoring

1.3.1. Am I comprehending?

1.4. Reinforcement of Concepts

1.5. Increase Participation in Class

1.5.1. SLANT- Sit up, Lean forward, Activate thinking, Name key info, Track the talker.

2. Process Skills

2.1. Note-Taking

2.1.1. Increases retention, even without review

2.1.2. Use columns, categories.

2.1.3. Skip lines for new ideas

2.1.4. Disregard punctuation/grammar

2.1.5. Label/Date for referral

2.1.6. Paraphrase, don't write every word

2.2. Outlining

2.3. Extract Information from Text

2.3.1. SQR3 Survey the text Question-turn headings to questions Read, Recite, Review

2.3.2. Multipass Look over the chapter in several passes, focusing on different aspects (Titles, pictures, summaries, questions/exercises)

2.4. Research/Library Skills

3. Expression Skills

3.1. Retain & Demonstrate Learning

3.1.1. Mnemonics Create a systematic procedure for enhancing memory

3.1.2. Organize & Associate Form associations between prior knowledge and the content being learned Make connections between concepts

3.1.3. Acronyms & Acrostics Develop your own

3.1.4. Visualization/Key Word Method Use word-play, show images that look how the word sounds

3.1.5. Verbal Rehearsal Repeatedly practice pronunciation of unfamiliar terms, define terms.

3.2. Test Taking

3.2.1. Manage Study Time Daily review, no "cramming" Make study aids Learn about the test (content, format, time allotted) Predict questions Think positive, expect to do well

3.2.2. Strategies Choose easy questions first Estimate, round up (math) Rephrase questions in own words Eliminate ridiculous answers Substitute possible answers into the question Write down mnemonics before forgetting