Types of Human Interaction

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Types of Human Interaction by Mind Map: Types of Human Interaction

1. Exchange

1.1. An interaction done to receive a reward or reward for a certain action.

1.1.1. This leads to exchange theory, the idea that all actions are done for the sake of reward.

1.2. Almost all social interaction features exchanges.

1.2.1. The root of exchanges is reciprocity, the idea that if you do something for someone, they'll do something for you.

2. Accommodation

2.1. A state of balance between cooperation and conflict.

2.1.1. Research and prepare experiment

2.2. Can take multiple forms, most often compromise, truce, mediation, and arbitration.

3. Cooperation

3.1. Occurs when two or more people/groups work together to achieve a goal that will benefit more than one person.

3.1.1. New vocabulary

3.2. Often used alongside competition as a motivator.

4. Conflict

4.1. The deliberate effort to control, harm, or oppose someone.

4.1.1. Text book, exercises 34, 35, 36, 37

4.2. Often begins as a form of competition before evolving into a more serious affair.

4.3. Has very few serious rules and often ends violently.

4.4. Sociologist Georg Simmel identified four sources of conflict: wars, disagreements within groups, legal disputes, and clashes over ideology, such as religion or politics.

5. Competition

5.1. Occurs when two or more people oppose each other to attain a goal that only one can achieve.

5.2. Typically seen as the cornerstone of capitalism; usually civil and for admirable purposes.