The ADDIE Model

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The ADDIE Model by Mind Map: The ADDIE Model

1. 4. Implementation

1.1. Development and delivery of procedures

1.1.1. Train the Trainer

1.1.2. Curriculum and Procedure delivery

1.1.3. Physical environment is prepared Handouts printed Multimedia equipment available/operational

1.1.4. Prepare the learner to learn Materials required Orientation

2. 5. Evaluation

2.1. Identify areas for refinement or improvement through feedback and data

2.1.1. Formative evaluations are present at each stage of ADDIE Individual evaluation per session to survey practicality, clarity and impact Small group test sessions that represent the groups you will teach Field Trial/Rehearsal in setting similar to learning environment

2.1.2. Summative evaluations are developed post instruction Capture Reaction to learning, behavior, and results Conduct surveys (closed, scale, and open ended questions) Measure results/impacts Satisfaction Profits

3. Course subject analysis

3.1. Curriculum

4. 1. Analysis

4.1. Develop an understanding of the learning environment and the goals

4.1.1. Clarify goals Timelines for project completion What do you want to achieve?

4.1.2. Investigate course delivery options

4.1.3. Perform an instructional analysis

4.1.4. Perform a learner analysis Evaluate existing skills Attitude Behavior

5. 2. Design

5.1. Translate and quantify learning goals

5.1.1. Media selection Workbooks Blended Traditional classroom Online

5.1.2. Performance objectives Strategy Storyboarding Lesson planning Excercizes Feedback Assessments

5.1.3. Learning objectives refined

6. 3. Development

6.1. The physical creation of the learning product

6.2. Decision if course materials will be produced in-house or outsourced

6.2.1. Create and assemble content

6.2.2. Create samples Hold review sessions with clients to gather feedback Conduct mini pilots Practice delivery Evaluate delivery timing Refine materials

6.3. Review LMS requirements