Introduction to Imperialism

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Introduction to Imperialism by Mind Map: Introduction to Imperialism

1. Why did Europeans Choose Imperialism?

1.1. Economic Reasons. Example of this was the need for easier trade with Asia for products like spices and silk. In Africa this British were mining diamonds from south Africa and King Leopold and the Belgians were taking rubber from the Congo.

1.1.1. Source for raw materials and natural resources to fuel industrialization.

1.1.2. New markets for products

1.1.3. Desire to make money

1.1.4. Indigenous peoples provided cheap labor.

1.2. Social Reasons. These included the desire to spread Christianity throughout the world as well as the "white mans' burden" that suggested Africans were an inferior race and needed to be educated and controlled.

1.2.1. Social darwinism

1.2.2. To spread European values and culture (aka assimilation*)

1.2.3. The White Man’s Burden*

1.2.4. The desire to explore uncharted lands.

1.2.5. To spread Christianity.

1.3. Political Reasons. There was a race to see who could grab/control the most land around the world. Countries were then able to have military influences around the world as well as make additional money for the government through taxes.

1.3.1. To compete with other European countries.

1.3.2. To boost nationalism

1.3.3. To gain prestige by gaining colonies.

2. What is Imperialism?

2.1. Imperialism is the policy of a more powerful country extending its rule or influence over weaker lands.

3. Two major types of Imperialism

3.1. Colony:

3.1.1. A colony is when a group of people from one country build a settlement in another land.

3.2. Sphere of Influence

3.2.1. An area in which another country has some control over economics/ politics. Usually that country claims exclusive investment or trading rights.


4.1. Social Darwinism: It is the belief that certain races are naturally superior to other races and it is natural to dominate “weaker races”

4.2. White Mans' Burden:The belief that white Europeans and Americans felt responsible to make the poorer parts of the world look like them in education and culture.

4.2.1. Example: Other cultures are “primitive”, so Europeans should “civilize” people in other parts of the world.

4.3. Assimilation: To adopt the culture of another country.

4.3.1. Example: changing education, businesses, government of locals to model the European style.

5. Africa Imperialism

5.1. Great Britain

5.2. Belgium

5.3. France

5.4. Germany

5.5. Portugal

5.6. Italy

6. Asia

6.1. United States

6.2. Great Britain

6.3. France

6.4. Germany

6.5. Netherlands

6.6. Portugal

6.7. Japan