Drug prefixes/suffixes

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Drug prefixes/suffixes by Mind Map: Drug prefixes/suffixes

1. Analgesics

1.1. Suffix, cain--Lidocain,Benzocain, Bupivocain, novocain

1.2. Iv after cardiacarrythmias

2. Antifungles

2.1. suffix, azole NOT prazol--ketoazole,Intraconazole, voriconazole, and Nystatin(lol who names these

2.2. May cause nausea, diarrhea, stomach pain

3. Antivirals, Pro-tease inhibitors

3.1. suffix, vir--Navir, Ritonavir, Indisnavir, Saquinavir

3.2. May cause nausea, vomiting, flu like symptoms

4. Psych meds/SSRI's

4.1. Suffix, xetin--Paroexetine,fluoxetine, setraline Citalopram,Escitalopram,

4.2. They take a long time to take effect 3-6wks

4.3. Do not give with alcohol, st johns wart, grapefruit, lithium, ambien, lithium, meridia,sudafed

4.4. Side effects, Suicide, serotonin syndrom

4.5. Symptoms of serotonin syndrome- Dialated pupils, sweating, tremors, increased reflexes, cyproheptine is the antidote.

5. Betablockers

5.1. lol

5.2. Check hr and blood pressure before and after

5.3. side effects can mask hyperglycemia--sweaty diaeresis, tachycardia,

6. Ace inhibitors

6.1. Prevents angiotensin 1 inhibits bradykinin

6.2. suffix, prill--lisinoprill, enalipril,

6.3. renal side effects, hyperkalemia,decreases secreations because of bradykinin, cough switch to sartins if this happens

7. Ace inhibitor, sartins

7.1. Watch swelling in face, renal artery stenosis, caution in pregnancy

7.2. Valsarton

8. Ca++ blockers, Antihypertensives

8.1. Suffix--diapenes--nephodipine, felodiapine, almodiapine

8.2. prefix, phena(cardioselective)--phenylamines(verapramil)

8.3. Side effects--peripheral edema

9. Benzodiazapines

9.1. suffix

9.2. zepam, zolam

9.3. Valume, xanax, midzolan

9.4. Watch for respiratory, cns depression!!

9.5. Antidote--fluazanone

10. HMG coA inhibitors

10.1. Suffix, statin--simvastatin, atorvastatin, pravastatin, rosavastatin

10.2. Synthesize cholesterol

10.3. Monitor LFT's liver problems, muscle pain, myalgia

11. Proton pump inhibitors

11.1. Reduces acid in stomach they work better than H2 receptors,

11.2. Suffix prazole,--omeprazole, pantoprazole, esomeprazole (not Ariprazole)

11.3. They can effect absorbing b12, and ca++

12. H2 receptors

12.1. Suffix, tinide--cimentinide, ranitinide, famotinide,

12.2. blocks h2hydrogen

13. Loop diuretics

13.1. Pee out potassium=ca++

13.1.1. semide

13.1.2. flusemide,lasix

13.2. Causes ottotoxisity, tinnitus,

14. Antibiotics

14.1. Tetracyclines

14.1.1. , suffix,cycline--tetracycline, doxycycline,-don't take with iron,ca++ don't give expired, don't give to kids or pregnant women. it binds with ca++ and fe makes it useless. It also causes photosensitivity

14.2. Macrolides

14.2.1. Suffix, thromyocin-a little to alot-azithromyocin, clartihromyocin, erythromyocin

14.2.2. Used to treat URI's

14.2.3. eyrihromyocin may cause qt prolongation, Macrolides one is at risk for cdiff

14.3. penicillins

14.3.1. Suffix, cillin--amicillin, amoxicillin

14.3.2. Make sure they dont have allergies to it

14.4. Cephelasporins

14.4.1. If someone has allergies to penicillin give this (there is a 10% chance pt may be allergic to this too, if they get a rash with betaacetate warn them and give it anyway

14.4.2. prefix, ceff--cephalexacin, ceftriaxone, cefaprime, cefotaxamine

14.5. Aminogycosides

14.5.1. Suffix, Myacin--Gentomyocin, Neomyocin, Ampikacin, tobramyocin,

14.5.2. Monitor peak and trough, because of renal toxisity, causes ototoxisity

14.5.3. not included--clindamyacin, vancomyacin, azthromyacin, streptomyocin

14.6. Fluroquindones

14.6.1. Suffix--floxicin--ciprofloxacin, levofloxacin(works right in urine), moxifloxicin

14.6.2. Do not give to someone who have mysatinin Gravis(it exaserbates it) , side effects: photo-sensitivity, rare but it could cause acillies tendon rupture( stop drug and notify physician if this happens), Dont take with antacids or milk, Inactivates it, GI distress.