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The EOS Model by Mind Map: The EOS Model
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The EOS Model


8 Questions

Core Values, The Speech, The People Analyzer

Core Focus, Purpose/Cause/Passion, Your Niche

Core Target

Marketing Strategy, Target Market "The List", Demographic, Geographic, Psychographic, Three Uniques, Proven Process, Guarantee

Three Year Picture, 5-15 Bullet Points Painting the Picture

One Year Plan, 3-7 Most Important Things That Must Get Done in the Next 12 Months

Quarterly Rocks, The 3-7 Most Important Things That Must Get Done in the Next 90 Days, 90 Day World

Issues List, Long Term Issues (90 Days+) "Parking Lot", Ideas/Problems/Opportunities/Barriers

Shared By All (SBA)

Company Foundational Tools Kick-off (including the speech)

Quarterly "State of the Company" Meetings

Everyone "Rowing in the Same Direction"

Departmental Plans (V/TO Traction Page)


Right People

Core Values, Hire, Fire, Review, Reward and Recognize, The Speech

People Analyzer, The Bar

Right Seats

Accountability Chart, LMA (Lead, Manage, and Hold Accountable), The 5-5-5, Clarity Breaks, The Five Leadership Abilities, Delegate and Elevate, Assistance Track

GWC (Get it, Want it, Capacity)




Handful of Core Processes, H/R Process, Marketing Process, Sales Process, Operations Process, Accounting process, Customer Retention Process

3 Step Process Documenter, Getting What You Want

Circle Of Life

Followed By All (FBA)

Teach It

Cross Train It

Regularly Review and Update

Systemize the Predictable, So You can Humanize the Exceptional



3-7 Most Important Things That Must Get Accomplished in the Next 90 Days

Rocks for the Company and Each Individual

Rock Sheet

90 Day World

First Step Page

Meeting Pulse

2 Day Annual

1 Day Quarterly

90 Minute Weekly, Same Day, Same Time, Same Agenda, Start On-Time, End On-Time, Level 10 "L10", To-Do List (7 Day Action Items), Off-Line Meeting Track



Getting What You Want

5-15 Activity-Based Numbers (predictive)

13 Weeks At-A-Glance


Departmental Scorecards

Everyone Has A Number

Tie to the Company Scorecard


Issues List

Open and Honest

Have and Populate Issues Lists on Every Team in the Company, Leadership Team Issues List, Sales Team Issues List, Operations Team Issues List, Finance Team Issues List

Compartmentalize Issues, Long Term Issues (>90 Days) on V/TO, Short Term Issues (<90 Days> on Level 10 Agenda Under IDS


Healthy Leadership Team, The Trust Builders

The Issues Solving Track, Prioritize 1,2 and 3, Identify, Discuss, Solve