Traditional Aboriginal Culture

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Traditional Aboriginal Culture by Mind Map: Traditional Aboriginal Culture

1. Beliefs

1.1. Dreaming

1.1.1. ancester exist in the surround area.

1.2. never harm their habitat

2. History

2.1. dominated by White settlers

2.1.1. Used as slaved by the Whites

3. References


4. Aboriginal English

4.1. Not from pidgin English

4.2. First language of the majority of Aboriginal people in Australia

4.2.1. 2% of the total population of the country

4.3. primarily oral language

5. Way of life

5.1. Hunter Gatherers

5.1.1. depend solely on the land and what the land provide them

5.1.2. Move around the land accordig to season

5.2. No sense of ownership (share land)

6. Law

6.1. Customary Law

6.1.1. Passed by generation

6.1.2. no written law

6.1.3. base on Beliefs and rituals

6.1.4. Punishment can be harsh


8. Varieties

8.1. Heavy Aboriginal English

8.1.1. spoken mainly in more remote areas

8.1.2. More variety

8.1.3. Influence by Kriol

8.2. Light Aboriginal English

8.2.1. Use mainly in Urban, rural and metropolitan areas.

9. New node