ToihoctiengAnh's users needs

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ToihoctiengAnh's users needs by Mind Map: ToihoctiengAnh's users needs

1. I want more interactivity with teacher and friends

2. I want to learn in an entertaining way (joke, song, game, comics, movie...)

3. I know I should learn English everyday but I'm LAZY

4. I want to study with somebody

5. I like to study with 1) Youtube (including VOA, BBC?) 2) VOA Special English 3) BBC Learning English

6. I want to practice 1) listening/speaking/pronouncing 2) writing/vocabulary 3) reading/grammar

7. I want new info everyday (but info that I like (fashion, sport)

8. I want focused/measurable goals and plan, and see my progress

9. I want help with 1) correcting pronunciation/writing 2a) correcting grammar 2b) introducing sources for listening and reading everyday 2c) Q&A 3a) Game together 3b) Give vocabulary 3c) Direct chat 3d) Doing exercise together

10. I can help with 1) Direct chat 2) Introducing listening and reading everyday 3) Song 4) Introducing other resources