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Personality by Mind Map: Personality

1. 1. Hippocrates- Personality types based on excess of four bodily fluids: Yellow bile= irritable, Black bile= Depressed, Blood= Optimistic, Phlegm= calm.

2. 2. Early theorists believe personality types were based on your body type. Vata= Ectomorph, Pita= Mesomorph, Kapha=Endomorph

3. 3. Freud- Conscious: "only a susperficial glimpse of the total personality", Unconscious: "Contains the instincts, those driving forces for all human behavior".

4. 4. Allport- Personality traits: Cardinal traits= Shape behavior, central traits= In every person, and secondary traits= Seen only in certain circumstances.

5. 5. Costa & McCrae (1990)- The big 5 personality test

6. 6. Myers- Briggs Type Indicator- 7th grade reading level, 144 two-answer forced-choice, Translated into 21 languages, 2 million people a year

7. 7. Projective Tests- Based on Freudian psychology and assess personality with unstructured stimuli