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Business Model for AACC by Mind Map: Business Model for AACC
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Business Model for AACC


Middle and high school students


School Counselors

School Districts

Arizona Colleges and Universities

Value Propositions

Provide total access to all college planning materials to all Arizona middle and high school students, parents and schools.

Retain in-state revenue to postsecondary institutions

Higher college graduation rates

Distribution Channels

AACC Website

Customer Relationships

Students and Parents

Professional Education Staff

Revenue Streams

Online advertising participation

Possible grant funding

Key Resources

Established online college planning websites

All School districts webpages, all individual school home pages

All Arizona public and private postsecondary institutions

Key Activities

Interactive participation in college exploration and planning through the AACC

Key Partners



School staff


Online websites

Cost Structure

Website development and mangement

Organization start-up costs