Technology Help

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Technology Help by Mind Map: Technology Help

1. Iphone 4

1.1. Upload Pictures from Itunes

1.2. Add applications to the phone

2. Heart Rate Monitor

2.1. Apply Target Heart Rate Range

2.2. Upload Exercise Data to Computer to be analyzed!

3. Palm Pilot

3.1. Using the palm pilot in conjunction with Easy Grade Pro.

3.1.1. Grade on the fly

3.1.2. Take Attendance

3.1.3. Add Assignments

3.1.4. Add Footnotes

3.1.5. Withdraw a student

3.2. Sync Data from Palm Pilot to Easy Grade Pro!

4. Easy Grade Pro

4.1. Create a seating chart

4.1.1. Alphabetize and put them in rows

4.2. Import Student

4.3. Export Student's Grades to Parent Link

5. Excel Spread Sheet

5.1. Expand and minimize boxes

5.2. Create, copy and execute formulas