Justin Wayne Master Plan

Created by Stephen Zhao. 11.17.2017

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Justin Wayne Master Plan by Mind Map: Justin Wayne Master Plan

1. Current status

1.1. Proven backend

2. Biggest challenges

2.1. Facebook Compliance - Solution: Use personal development as the front-end.

2.1.1. Potential solution: Personality mastery

2.1.2. Inner Game Mastery

2.1.3. Potential solution: Free Report - Wayne Dating Systems

2.2. Cold traffic has been tough

2.2.1. Potential Problem: Focus too much on personal development, not the right audience for pickup

2.2.2. Potential problem: Is it even legal to say we spy on girls with cameras and it's meet to sex


3.1. Look into Tinder ads

3.2. Setup one / two pixel - on: Justin Wayne Dating

3.3. Map out first 5 offers to test


4.1. Email list upload

4.2. Setup landings pages for FB compliant LP

4.3. Pixel on the website

5. USP

5.1. Meet to sex - recorded with camera

5.2. Straight to sex - even if they say no a million times - this is how you do it

5.3. Learn from a self-made porn star - no beating around the bush. "How to fuck a girl in the ass"

6. Ads

6.1. Campaign objectives

6.1.1. lead ad

6.2. Targeting / ad sets

6.2.1. targeting ideas

6.3. Placements

6.3.1. desktop

6.3.2. mobile

6.4. Angles

6.4.1. hook/angle

6.5. Creatives

6.5.1. Use video ads 2:3 for mobile 1:1 for desktop

6.5.2. image?

6.6. KPI(s)

6.6.1. strategy session under $100

6.7. Daily ad spend budget

6.7.1. $100 a day

6.8. Phase A

6.8.1. Keep testing different angles with the different funnels

6.8.2. Spend $1,000 minimum and look at the numbers CPC CTR CPL CPSS Conversion %

6.8.3. As soon as we have a solid 200-300% ROI campaign, move to Phase B

6.9. Phase B

6.9.1. Focus in on dialling in the ads by testing new creatives, videos, ad copies, headlines

6.9.2. Dial in the funnel as well split test headlines split test whole landing pages

6.9.3. As soon as we reach the threshold of maximum ROAS, move to Phase C

6.10. Phase C

6.10.1. Scale 15% every other day

6.10.2. Duplicate performing ad sets

6.10.3. Duplicate campaign, change optimisation to PPE / WC

6.10.4. Duplicate campaign and change the CC / pixel we optimise for

6.10.5. Discuss advanced strategies with Consultant

7. Offer(s)

7.1. Justin Wayne's Pick-Up Mastery

8. Goal(s)

8.1. Do a lot of small tests - if it's doing well then we'll keep going

9. Additional notes

9.1. Fundamentals

9.1.1. We ONLY launch campaign on a weekday, not weekends Weekends hurt our performance Any campaign we launch is HEAVILY influenced based on the first few days If we launch a slow day (weekend), FB will usually penalise the campaign with higher CPC, CPM, etc

9.1.2. What it takes patience it takes at least 72 hours for a campaign to optimise after launch and 24-48 hours each time we make a change hasty decisions are usually based on emotion instead of data and this is one the key mistakes newbies make persistence some stuff won't work. some will the nature of paid ads involves "losing money" you're not really losing money, you're merely BUYING DATA This is perfectly normal and it's a part of the process Stick with it as eventually there WILL be a campaign that's profitable You're already light years ahead of people who are still trying to figure this out on their own After all, it requires extensive knowledge tenacity if some stuff doesn't work, we'll need to adjust just like Ray Dalio says "ADAPT and EVOLVE" it's not the fittest that survive, it's the most adaptable if an ad doesn't work, we'll rework if we ask you to rework a funnel, please do so because 80% of success depends on factors OUTSIDE of Facebook ads budget Facebook ads cost money The more you spend, the faster you will gather data, therefore the faster you will get results of course, we take a smart approach initially we test small - so in case the test fails, you fail small as soon as we find a winner, we can SCALE BIG and do so FAST

9.2. Email list to create a Facebook Lookalike audience

9.3. Ben thinks the best is actually Traffic Junky

9.4. Audience: Mostly black., they are pretty angry and bitter towards women. They want to get laid first, then romance later. They are NOT going around looking for romance.

9.5. All Facebook page likes are organic

9.6. Use black / latina women in creatives