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protosomes by Mind Map: protosomes

1. deuterosomes

1.1. echinoderms

1.1.1. sea stars

1.1.2. sea urchins

1.1.3. sand dollars

1.2. chordates

1.2.1. cephalochordates tunicates lancelets

1.2.2. vertebrates fish jawless gnathostomes chondrichthytes osteichthyes tetrapods amphibians frogs salamanders reptiles snakes lizards turtles alligators mammals produce milk have hair monotremes(lay eggs) marsupial placental

2. lophotrochozoans

2.1. flatworms

2.1.1. planaria

2.1.2. tapeworms

2.2. annelids

2.2.1. earthworms

2.2.2. leeches

2.3. molluscs

2.3.1. bivalves oysters clams

2.3.2. gastropods snails

2.3.3. cephalopods octopus squid

3. ecdysozoans (molting)

3.1. roundworms

3.1.1. nematods

3.2. arthopods

3.2.1. chelicerates scorpions ticks spiders mites horseshoe crabs

3.2.2. myriapods centipedes millipedes

3.2.3. crustaceans isopods decapods shrimp crab lobsters crawfish barnacles

3.2.4. hexapods (insects, 6 legs, 3 body parts) odonates dragonflies coleopterans beetles hymenopterans bees wasps ants dipterans flies mosquitoes lepidopterans butterflies moths orthopterans grasshoppers crickets hemipterans fleas lice termites