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Bird Adaptations by Mind Map: Bird Adaptations
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Bird Adaptations

Kindergaren Arizona State Standards: Science S1C2PO 2. Participate in guided investigations in life, physical, and Earth and space sciences.   Students will use birds to learn about adaptation.  They will conduct experiments that show how a bird's characteristics help it survive in its environment.


Kindergarten Arizona State Standards: Science S1C1PO 1. Observe Common objects using multiple senses. S1C1PO 1. Ask questions based on experiences with objects, organisms, and events in the environment. S1C3PO 1. Organize objects, organisms, and events according to various characteristics.

Observe Bird Characteristics

Students will observe bird characteristics (beaks, feet, plumage, nesting behaviors) using YouTube videos.

Beak Experiments

Students will observe different beaks and predict what each bird eats according to the characteristics of its beak. Students will rotate through different beak stations and experiment with different beaks and determine which beaks work best for acquiring different foods. Students will record their observations and experiences with the beak experiments in their scientific lab book.

Bird Leg Experiments

Students will observe different bird feet and predict the purpose of each type of feet and the environment it is best adapated for. Students will rotate through different bird feet stations and experiment with and compare/contrast different bird feet to determine which bird feet are best adapted to the environment. Students will record their observations and experiences with the bird feet experiments in their scientific lab book.

Plumage Experiments

Feather Observations and Dissection




Bird Wing Experiments

Students will observe and identify characteristics of different bird wings. Students will sort a variety of birds by their wing characteristics. Students will conduct experiments to learn about lift and how birds use their wings to fly.  

Nesting Behavior Experiments

Students will investigate how a bird’s nesting behavior helps it survive in its environment. Students will experiment with building a nest in a small tree.


Kindergarten Arizona State Standards: Science: S1C4PO 1. Communicate observations with pictographs, pictures, models, and/or words. Writing: S1C2PO 1. Communicate by drawing, telling, or writing for a purpose. Students will record their observations, questions, and conclusions in a scientific lab book to document their bird adaptation experiments.

Creative Arts

Kindergarten Arizona State Standards: The Arts S1C2PO 001. Identify and experiment with materials, tools, and techniques in his or her own artwork. S1C2PO 002. Use materials, tools, and techniques appropriately in his or her own artwork.

Bird Eggs

Students will use paper mache to create bird eggs and paint/decorate them to camouflage in a specific environment.


Kindergarten Arizona State Standards:  Math S4C1PO 1. Identify, analyze, and describe circles, triangles, and rectangles (including squares) in different orientatins and environments. Students will use a variety of construction paper geometric shapes to create different birds.  


Kindergarten Arizona State Standards: Technology S3C2PO 2. Use preselected sources. Science S4C3PO 1. Identify some plants and animals that live in the local environment.

Interactive Websites

Plants and animals in the local environment: Bird Games:

Field Trip


Students will visit the Phoenix Zoo and go on a bird scavenger hunt. Attached are the birds the students will find.