Planispheric Astrolabe

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Planispheric Astrolabe by Mind Map: Planispheric Astrolabe

1. Relevant Facts

1.1. Made in 220 BC by the Greeks

1.2. Positions different celestial bodies.

1.3. Brass Alloy

1.4. Modified by medieval muslims

1.5. Found in Iran in the 19th century

1.6. Costs around $350 or more (USD)

2. Inferences

2.1. Inference : People that invented it were wealthy

2.1.1. Evidence: Made of Brass alloy Explanation: Brass alloy was not common.

2.2. Inference: Took lots of time to make

2.2.1. Evidence: Lots of detail Explanation: So much detail that even with a person with lots of skill would take a long time to make.

2.3. Inference: Greeks were very smart so were medieval muslims

2.3.1. Evidence: Looks hard to operate and it says that it measure space and time as well as celestial bodies They had years of practice and they had the advantage of being there when it was made

3. Iranian Civilization Inferences

3.1. Very smart

3.2. Interested in science/Astronomy

3.3. Medieval Muslims were in Iran and so did the Greeks

3.4. very religious because of the items around the astrolabe

3.5. So much detail maybe people made the astrolabe as a full time job.