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twc301 by Mind Map: twc301
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This is just a demo map that you can delete right away, if you feel like it...

class goals

check on course site every day

finish asssignments early

New node

i would like to learn...

how to use the online programs.

understand how the different links work

make sure i am turning everything into the right place.

New node

i am currently confused about.

how assignments are being submitted

is there any way i can check to be sure that i have properly turned in my assignments?

course outcomes

respond appropraitely in different medias of writing

practice wrinting in multiple genres

understand different genres

critical thinking

increase critical thinking skills

integrating beliefs and assumptions


develope knowledge of multiple genres/media

BoD chapter2


BoD chapter 3



BoD capter 4


BoD Chapter 5

text alighnment

BoD Chapter 6



New node

Copyright/Fair use/Creative Commons

original works of authorship are protected

form of protection by US constitution

copyright only has to be registered if lawsuit is in order

US copyright is eligable in most countries that we have ties to but not all

Fair Use

Creative commons

BoD Chapter 1

before you begin

BoD chapter 7