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twc301 by Mind Map: twc301

1. class goals

1.1. check on course site every day

1.1.1. keep up with assignments.

1.2. finish asssignments early

1.3. New node

2. i am currently confused about.

2.1. how assignments are being submitted

2.2. is there any way i can check to be sure that i have properly turned in my assignments?

2.2.1. New node

3. course outcomes

3.1. respond appropraitely in different medias of writing

3.2. practice wrinting in multiple genres

3.3. understand different genres

4. critical thinking

4.1. increase critical thinking skills

4.2. integrating beliefs and assumptions

5. BoD chapter 3

5.1. contrast

5.1.1. it is important to make titles bold and contrast with other information. when people are drawn to a title they remeber it better and makes more effective advertising. font, color and size are good contrasting tools to use.

5.1.2. contrast is one of the quickes and most effective ways to draw attention (don"t be afraid to use it)

5.2. alignment

5.2.1. strong alignment helps tie the whole piece together and is less confusing.

5.2.2. important information like telephone numbers should be big and in an obvious place so they are easy to find

6. BoD Chapter 6

6.1. Repetition

6.1.1. repeating some visual aspects of a shape, color, line, etc. EX: bullet points, lines, initial caps.

6.1.2. pages visually organized, conistent, and unified

6.1.3. begnners fail to use enough repetition do not seek all opportunities for repetition

6.1.4. proximity spacial location-close related items are closer together

6.1.5. closure natural tendency to close groups

6.1.6. continuation eye seeks relationships: eye follows line, curve, sequence of shapes.

6.1.7. similarity

6.2. unity

6.2.1. achieved by repetition the human eye seeks unity- everything looks like it belongs together easier to read group similarities

6.3. New node

7. Copyright/Fair use/Creative Commons

7.1. original works of authorship are protected

7.1.1. does not protect facts, ideas, systems, methods of operation

7.2. form of protection by US constitution

7.2.1. published and unpublished works

7.3. copyright only has to be registered if lawsuit is in order

7.3.1. copyright is sometimes registered so their work is known publically as copyritten

7.4. US copyright is eligable in most countries that we have ties to but not all

7.5. Fair Use

7.5.1. the best way to go about using someone elses original work is to get their permission copyright office cannot give permission to use copyrighted works.

7.6. Creative commons

7.6.1. symbol contains two small C's in a circle instead of one like regular copyright

7.6.2. allows creators to decide what rights to waive or communicate and share.

8. i would like to learn...

8.1. how to use the online programs.

8.2. understand how the different links work

8.3. make sure i am turning everything into the right place.

8.4. New node

9. knowledge

9.1. develope knowledge of multiple genres/media

10. BoD chapter2

10.1. emphasis

10.1.1. techniques for creating emphasis making important things bigger or brighter not too much text because things blend together and get lost

10.1.2. why? adding emphasis makes sure that the reader atleast reads the importand parts of your peice of work.

11. BoD capter 4

11.1. Balance

11.1.1. It is a very imporant general technique that helps tie a whole piece together

11.1.2. visual weights are supposed to make a whole page visually even

11.1.3. using black and white only using black and white the correct way can still create an impact and is usually cheaper as well.

11.1.4. using color appropriately and effectively use color, to create a balance of the page. appropriate colors are important

12. BoD Chapter 5

12.1. text alighnment

12.1.1. runaround text alignment text wrap- the text wraps around an image or other object.

12.1.2. asymmetric text alignment visually interesting difficult to read better with short lines of text EX: magazines

12.1.3. concrete text alignment hard to read visually interesting

12.1.4. grid structure multiple page documents one to seven colomb grids the grid structures help create a layout for a page and keep information organized. can be flexible and still keep things organized.

13. BoD Chapter 1

13.1. before you begin

13.1.1. visual elements deciding what you want to say and what visual elements you want to include is an important first step

13.1.2. layout placement of the visual elements on the page. determine what is required in the whole piece and begin designing the layout

13.1.3. audience determining who your audience is is an important thing to do before you start your design. figure out what speaks to them, try putting yourself in their position.

14. BoD chapter 7

14.1. flow

14.1.1. leads the reader from one element to the other visually. New node

14.1.2. verbal how text is arranged on the page. order in which the reader reads material on the page. consistency is important, as well as a logical reading path.

14.1.3. visual order that viewer looks at images on the page. determined by the placement and direction the picture is places