Primal MAP of Tribes Blank Copy

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Primal MAP of Tribes Blank Copy by Mind Map: Primal MAP of Tribes  Blank Copy

1. Human Physch

1.1. You MUST have a basic understanding of the theory behind the Tribal Formula in order to be able to effectively integrate it into your business

2. 1. THe story

2.1. The STORY - This is the creation story for your tribe or organization. The story answers the question, “How and why did this tribe come to be?”

2.1.1. What does the story DO?

2.1.2. how do you create the story

2.1.3. tell the story with attractive character

2.1.4. where is it used?

3. 2. the idology

3.1. This is the specific set of beliefs that defines what the group stands for and what the group strives for.

3.1.1. not just a mission statement

3.1.2. the the cusomter what to expect

3.1.3. what the group is, and what it WANTS to be

3.1.4. Emotional triggers, and emotional compenents needed. EVOKE

3.1.5. Untethered boss

3.1.6. no moss boss. (digital nomad)

4. 3 the symbol

4.1. The symbol is a multi-sensory experience that facilitates instant recognition of your group.

4.1.1. can be logo sounds smells gesture etc

4.1.2. Must convey Authority leadership confidence

4.1.3. can have different levels. Beginer medium leader top

4.1.4. Important to get this right, USE NLP ANCHORING

5. 4 the habits

5.1. The HABITS - These are the repeated interactions your members have with your group or the group leader.

5.1.1. humans are habitual creatures Create habits for them enforce them

5.1.2. habits enforced member to member or leader to member

5.1.3. include as many senses as possible

5.1.4. Fosters Inter Member interactions and support

6. 5 the enemy

6.1. Contrast who we are not. show what we are against

6.1.1. apple vs pc

6.1.2. who we are not! will attract people

6.1.3. Yin and Yang. need both.

6.1.4. Furu (faux Gurus) Inscultants (consultants that insult you for trying to be wha tthey are not)

7. 6 the language

7.1. Every “REAL” group has it’s own vocabulary or jargon. Knowing the language helps the group to categorize themselves.

7.1.1. How to create your own lang

7.1.2. acroynms

7.1.3. Redriscribing commony understood terms

8. 7 the leader

8.1. Attractive Character.

8.1.1. failures

8.1.2. sucesses

8.1.3. definitions

8.1.4. call to the hero's journey call

9. The total Combo package

9.1. every element you use in the building of a group. deepens the impact you have on the group.

10. Other Key Elements to business

10.1. Inception

10.2. Marketing

10.2.1. Online

10.2.2. Offline

10.3. Communication

10.4. Opperations

10.5. Case studies

10.6. Primal Audience Perfection

10.6.1. Website membership

10.6.2. Sales funnel

10.6.3. Forum or Group

10.6.4. Long term Monetization for passive income