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Chemistry by Mind Map: Chemistry

1. matter

1.1. Solid

1.1.1. melting sublimation

1.2. Liquid

1.2.1. evaporation precipitation

1.3. Gas

1.3.1. deposition condensation

1.4. Atoms

1.4.1. protons positive charge

1.4.2. neutrons no charge

1.4.3. electrons negative charge

1.4.4. molecules compounds

1.4.5. ions anions negatively charged cations positively charged polyatomic ions monatomic ions ionic nomenclature transition metals -ide -ate molecular nomenclature naming acids

1.4.6. average atomic mass

1.4.7. isotopes

1.5. properties

1.5.1. chemical chemical changes chemical reactions

1.5.2. physical physical changes

1.5.3. measurement SI units scientific notation significant figures standard notation dimensional analysis given wanted unit path grams to moles

1.6. pure substances

1.6.1. element periodic table rows columns metals/nonmetals

1.6.2. compound

1.7. mixtures

1.7.1. heterogeneous concentration dilute saturated/super saturated/unsaturated molarity

1.7.2. homogeneous solutions solvent solute