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Osteoporosis by Mind Map: Osteoporosis

1. Complications

1.1. Bone Fractures

1.1.1. Common in the spine or hip

1.2. Stooped posture

1.3. Back Pain

1.4. Gradual loss of height

2. Assessment

2.1. Patient/Family Hx

2.1.1. Intake of Vitamin D, Calcium, corticosteroids, etc.

2.1.2. Hx of Fractures

2.1.3. Lifestyle Exercise Smoking Alcohol intake

2.1.4. Family history of Osteoporosis

2.2. Physical Assessment

2.2.1. determined by dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry

2.2.2. Bone mineral density (BMD)

2.2.3. Signs of Fractures

2.2.4. Loss of height

2.2.5. Low body weight

2.2.6. Signs of kyphosis

2.2.7. lower-extremity weakness

2.2.8. difficulty with balance or gait

3. Pathophysiology

3.1. Bone becomes porous and poorly mineralized

3.2. Demonstrated by reduced bone mass/density

3.3. Caused by increased osteoclast activity and decreased osteoblast activity

3.4. Imbalance of bone resorption and formation

4. Nursing Diagnosis

4.1. Risk for Falls related to arthritis

4.2. Impaired Physical mobility related to Bone loss as evidence by spontaneous fracture

4.3. Deficient knowledge related to Insufficient information as evidence by presence of preventable complication

5. Nursing Interventions

5.1. Nurse will educate the patient on the safe use of mobility aids.

5.2. Nurse will assess the patient’s understanding of osteoporosis.

5.3. Nurse will teach patient about nutrition and calcium intake.

5.4. Nurse will instruct family regarding ROM exercises, methods of transferring patients from bed to wheelchair, and turning at routine intervals.

6. FHP

6.1. Activity-Exercise

6.1.1. Patterns of exercise, activity,leisure, and recreation

7. System Involvement

7.1. Musculoskeletal

8. By: Kathryn Francis

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