Personal Learning Network

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Personal Learning Network by Mind Map: Personal Learning Network

1. Offline

1.1. UNI

1.1.1. Dept. of Communication Lori Johnson Richard Tews Amandajean Nolte Danielle McGeough Marilyn Shaw

1.1.2. Dept. of Literature Brooke Wonders Karen Tracey Rachel Morgan

1.1.3. Dept. of Theater Katy Slaven Eric Lange Amy Ostanski

1.2. Friends

1.2.1. UNI Hannah Emily R. Clare Maddie Peer Mentors Nicole

1.2.2. Dubuque Kennedy Luke Michael

2. Online

2.1. Blogs

2.1.1. Maddie Grisson

2.1.2. Dr. Z Reflects

2.1.3. The Daring English Teacher Lesson Plans Tips for High School Writing College Preparation for High School Students

2.2. Speakers

2.2.1. Zoom

2.2.2. TED TALKS

2.2.3. NSLS Speaker Broadcasts

2.2.4. Educational Podcasts

2.3. Google

2.3.1. Google +

2.3.2. Google Scholar

2.3.3. Email

2.4. Social Media

2.4.1. Twitter Iowa Department of Education Magda Galloway Dr. Z

2.4.2. Pinterest Theater in the Classroom English in the Classroom Poetry Lesson Plans Directing High School