Mind Map Presentations

Captivate Your Audience With Engaging Slideshows
Mind map presentations are engaging and incredibly simple to create. MindMeister lets you brainstorm the topics for your presentation in a map, outline a structure, add visuals, and turn everything into a dynamic slideshow — all within your web browser.

Visual Storytelling

Visualizing your ideas is the most powerful way to communicate them to others. Mind map presentations are engaging, easy to follow, and memorable.

Real-time Collaboration

MindMeister enables teams to brainstorm the topics for a presentation together. All team members can simultaneously add ideas and discuss changes in our integrated chat.

Easy Access

Create presentations right inside your web browser—no download or plugins required. Present slideshows online, on your Chromebook, iPhone, iPad or Android device.

Save Time Every Day

Creating presentations with tools like Prezi or PowerPoint can be cumbersome and take hours. With MindMeister, you can create stunning presentations within minutes. The best part: it doesn’t even feel like work!

Benefits of Mind Map Presentations

When you create a mind map, its subject is always located right at the center, with all related topics branching off from it in all directions. This way, the map visualizes hierarchies and connections between individual ideas in a two-dimensional structure. Seeing how things relate to each other makes it easier for audiences to follow the presenter’s line of thought and comprehend the information that is being delivered.

Who Benefits From Mind Map Presentations?

A mind map presentation will captivate and engage your audience, whether you’re in the lecture hall, the meeting room or on the big stage. Here are just a few examples of people who benefit greatly from this fantastic format:


Present complex topics and new concepts in a way that’s easy to comprehend and memorize for students. Share your map with them so they can take notes during your talk right inside the map


Use mind maps to quickly prepare presentations for the classroom: Just collect all your notes and topics in a map, add some images and colors, and then turn the map into a dynamic slideshow within seconds.


Efficiently deliver presentations to the busy executive: all relevant information can be visualized on one single page; additional information can easily be stored in the form of notes, links and attachments.


Visualize your ideas and creative concepts in a mind map to clearly communicate your vision to others. Use connections, colors, icons, images and embed videos to deliver effective presentations.


Present reports, project ideas, business strategies and proposals to managers and co-workers during meetings. Directly export your ideas as actionable tasks once your suggestions have been approved.

Public Speakers

Create presentations that are both engaging and memorable. Mind maps help your audience see ‘the bigger picture’ and easily follow your train of thought. A presentation format worthy of the big stage!

Mind Map Presentation Software

MindMeister is mind mapping and presentation software combined. In one single map you brainstorm topics, add media and formattings, create your slides and even present them live to your collaborators.

{:brainstorming=>{:description=>"Launch collaborative brainstorming sessions with your team. Let your creativity flow, then add comments and reactions!", :title=>"Brainstorm Mode"}, :comments=>{:description=>"MindMeister's comment function enables seamless collaboration on your mind maps. You can leave comments and even @mention fellow users to grab their attention, helping you discuss relevant topics in a structured way and refine your ideas even further.", :subtitle=>"Collaborate. Start the discussion.", :title=>"Comments and Notifications"}, :comments_notifications=>{:subtitle=>"Start the discussion.", :title=>"Comments and Notifications"}, :custom_styles=>{:subtitle=>"Unique, beautiful mind maps.", :title=>"Custom Styles"}, :embedded_media=>{:description=>"Enhance your mind maps with embedded multimedia attachments in map topics, including videos, images, gifs and links.", :subtitle=>"Add context to your ideas.", :title=>"Embedded Media"}, :export=>{:description=>"Develop and present your maps with other types of software. Export to PDF, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and more to ensure everyone stays connected.", :title=>"Export"}, :floating_topics=>{:description=>"Branch out… or break free! Place topics anywhere on your mind map. Attach or float topics to make each map your own.", :title=>"Freely Positioned Topics"}, :focus_mode=>{:subtitle=>"Showcase your best ideas.", :title=>"Focus Mode"}, :key_shortcuts=>{:description=>"Add topics, format text, and arrange your map without touching your mouse. Mind mapping has never been easier.", :title=>"Quick Keys"}, :layouts=>{:description=>"Display content in three map layouts: mind map view, org chart, or list. You can even use different layouts on the same canvas!", :title=>"Mixable Map Layouts"}, :mixed_map_layouts=>{:subtitle=>"Mind maps, org charts, lists.", :title=>"Mixed Map Layouts"}, :outline_mode=>{:description=>"Toggle between the visual and linear with Outline Mode. View mind maps as bulleted lists or bulleted lists as mind maps.", :subtitle=>"List or mind map? You decide.", :title=>"Outline Mode"}, :search=>{:description=>"Mind maps can contain huge amounts of information. When you need to find something in a hurry, it's best to have the right tool for the job. Use MindMeister Search to find keywords in map topics, comments and notes – you're never more than a search away. ", :subtitle=>"Look Closer.", :title=>"Search"}, :sharing=>{:description=>"It's super simple to share your maps with colleagues, classmates or external collaborators. Generate a dedicated sharing link or invite others via email to mind map online as a group. Changed your mind? You can uninvite people from your maps just as easily. ", :subtitle=>"Spread the Word.", :title=>"Sharing"}, :teams=>{:description=>"With MindMeister, multiple people can work on the same mind map at the same time. Whether you're exchanging quick-fire ideas during a team meeting or running a brainstorming session remotely, MindMeister ensures that everyone's voice is heard.", :subtitle=>"Real Ideas. In Real Time.", :title=>"Team Features"}, :templates=>{:title=>"Templates"}, :themes=>{:description=>"Explore MindMeister’s expertly-designed themes to add color and style to your maps – improving readability and comprehension.", :title=>"Beautiful Themes"}}

Presentation Options

Export Options

  • Infinite Canvas

    Grow your mind map in all directions without limitations

  • Real-time Collaboration

    MindMeister enables teams to brainstorm the topics for a presentation together. All team members can simultaneously add ideas and discuss changes in our integrated chat.

  • Add Media

    Add icons, images and arrows to the topics in your map

  • Play Videos

    Embed videos in your topics and play them during your presentation

  • Hide Information

    Hide additional information in notes so you don’t clutter up the canvas

  • Set Slide Transitions

    Choose between blur, pan, fast zoom and slow zoom

Best Practices

Visuals function as mental triggers, so make sure to add plenty of icons, images and colors to your mind map to make the presentation as engaging and memorable as possible.

Use keywords or short phrases for the topics in your map. You can add additional information in the form of notes, links, comments and even attached files without cluttering up your presentation.

Start your presentation by showing the mind map as a whole. This will allow your audience to see the ‘bigger picture’ and get a feeling for how everything is connected.

Zoom in on individual parts of the map using MindMeister’s presentation mode. Zoom back out every now and then to ensure your audience always knows where they currently are in the map.

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