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Knowledge management with MindMeister enables organizations to store and share their collective knowledge centrally and securely. Using knowledge maps, teams can attach all relevant knowledge assets, visuals, documents and external links in one central workspace, making them accessible to team members across departments and office locations.

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Thousands of teams rely on MindMeister for their productive knowledge management. Here are just a few of their amazing stories:

Case Study LiveBy


Product Development

LiveBy manage their product development, from design to implementation, using MindMeister, MeisterTask and Google Workspace.

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Case Study SAP


Computer Software

“We first started out using MindMeister through casual means, but it quickly became an indispensable tool for our projects.”

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Case Study Evoca



Evoca builds collaborative knowledge sharing platforms for their clients using MindMeister and Google Workspace.

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MindMeister Feature Overview

As a visual knowledge mapping tool, MindMeister provides a powerful way to gather and store the collective intelligence of your team. Designed with collaboration in mind, mind maps are updated in real-time, meaning knowledge is accessible to all team members, regardless of location or device.

Real-time Collaboration

With all mind maps updated in real-time, your team can share their latest ideas, data and contacts with team members, regardless of location or device, via up-to-date knowledge maps.

Engaging Presentations

Present your ideas and acquired knowledge to your team in seconds with MindMeister’s in-built presentation mode. Turn your maps into slideshows and make your workshops visual.

Export, Embed & Print

Holding an offline knowledge sharing session? Export your knowledge maps as Word documents or PDFs, or print the maps out large, to share knowledge and collaborate in person.

Everything Stored Centrally

Attach spreadsheets, PDFs, charts, designs, videos, images and more to your knowledge maps, to collate all resources in one central workspace.

Comment and Vote

Provide feedback on your team’s ideas via in-built collaboration features, including commenting and voting features inside your knowledge maps.

Turning Plans into Action

Deciding to take an idea shared in your knowledge map forward? Turn team plans into action via our integrated task management tool for teams, MeisterTask.

Using Mind Maps for Knowledge Management

Whether you’re looking to retain all company contacts and workflows securely in one place, or share collective knowledge across departments and locations, visual knowledge maps are a great place to start. Here’s how:

Connect Your Global Team

With all mind maps updated in real-time across all devices, and all knowledge stored securely via the cloud, global teams can remain connected and up-to-date on the latest knowledge and ideas, regardless of location or operating device.

Find the Information You Need Fast

With MindMeister, you can attach all documents, spreadsheets, visuals, designs, external links and more, directly within your central knowledge map. Plus, with intuitive search functions, MindMeister makes it easy to find the knowledge you need, fast.

Our product mind map acts as both a knowledge map, including all product information, and a home for new ideas. New ideas are labeled with a light bulb emoji so team mates can spot the new idea and provide feedback. These ideas can then be followed up in product planning meetings.

Cory Scott, Founder of LiveBy

Share Ideas Collaboratively

With MindMeister, you can create a mind map specifically for company idea generation, inviting team members to add their proposals, designs and mock-ups for product or company development. Then, using the in-built collaboration features, your team can provide feedback on ideas, directly within the mind map.

Our mind maps hold everything from design resources to sponsor decks, from presentation templates to marketing materials… Once a member finds what they’re looking for in the mind map, all they have to do is click on the link and they’re directed to the document’s location on Google Drive. Multiple members can access files at the same time, collaborate in them and update them easily.

Manel Heredero, Founder of Evoca

Turn Your Plans into Action

Once your team has decided on which ideas to take forward, you can turn these plans into action! Use MindMeister alongside our Kanban-style task management tool, MeisterTask, to convert all plans into assigned, actionable tasks.

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