Abraham Lincoln

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Abraham Lincoln 저자: Mind Map: Abraham Lincoln

1. risks

1.1. getting shot in the head

1.2. kill himself

1.3. him brweaking down

2. Skills

2.1. be able to speech in front of other people

2.2. patients

2.3. know about political and fighting patterns

3. rewards

3.1. helping the united states stop the civil war and slavery

3.2. surviving depression

3.3. he can live happily with his wife

4. Positive Living emotional-and-mental-health/abraham-lincoln-a-courage-born-of

5. America the Story of Us: Lincoln | History

6. The Atlantic /2005/10/lincolns-great-depression/304247/

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8. background

8.1. depression

8.2. life and him

8.3. people in his family died

8.4. children dies

8.5. was comador for civil war