IDP Media Action Projects

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IDP Media Action Projects 저자: Mind Map: IDP Media Action Projects

1. Project 2 - Primary Source Project

1.1. What is happening now related to this issue?

1.2. Interviews re: an incident or issue

1.3. Looking at people and what they have to say about this

1.4. Your editing is taking what you want from it. Tell a story by mixing what people say

1.5. Find and search a social media feed

1.6. Look into certain publications and their #tags on certain issues/people

1.7. Reflection - why is this relevant to you compared to the primary sources you looked at? Where do YOU fit in this story?

2. How can you get people to interact with your message?

3. Get someone to challenge your beliefs

4. Project 1 - Historical Context

4.1. Create the background setting for this issue/incident using the history

4.2. 1-2 min video

4.2.1. Music

4.2.2. Found media (images, video)

4.2.3. Primary source

4.3. historical context for their problem

4.4. Reflection - how has looking at the history of this issue changed your understanding of it?

5. Project 3 - Create your own primary sources

5.1. What can you add to this story that hasn't been collected yet?

5.2. Surveys

5.3. Interviews

5.4. Reflections

5.5. Reflection - What role can you play in creating change around this story?

6. Mash up pieces from your first 3 pieces into action campaigns

6.1. How can you change minds using what you've collected (in 1-3)?

6.2. Contribute to the narrative

6.3. Reflection - Were you able to use your voice to make change?

7. Criteria for all Projects

7.1. Authentic research

7.2. Digital storytelling

7.3. Reflection