A Guaranteed Formula for True Happiness and Success

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A Guaranteed Formula for True Happiness and Success 저자: Mind Map: A Guaranteed Formula for True Happiness and Success

1. What you think, you become

1.1. Work backwards in your thinking. Start from where you are now, and rewind a year.

1.2. Did you become what you thought?

1.3. Thinking without action doesn’t make you become. Neither does acting without thinking.

1.4. Plan your days, at least one day in advance (Think). Be precise with time. Execute consistently (Do).

2. What you feel, you attract

2.1. If you’re negative, you’ll attract negativity. If you’re positive, you’ll attract positivity.

2.2. When something negative happens to you, force yourself to think positively, however hard that may be.

2.3. Your brain will need convincing. Act it out long enough and you’ll convince it.

3. What you imagine, you create

3.1. Reflexion is an incredibly powerful tool to motivate you to act and create whatever it is you want to create.

3.2. Reflect on yourselves, reflect on your day, reflect on your environment, reflect on your future.

3.3. Let our imagination run wild through reflexion, or deep thinking.

3.4. Write all the ideas that pass by. Good or bad. Sometimes, from bad ideas stem great ideas. It’s a process.

3.5. If you let yourself imagine the path to success, you will create that path.