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Using MindMeister, your team members brainstorm, plan and strategize in a secure environment that’s both easy to use and affordable.

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What You Can Do with MindMeister

As the leading online mind mapping tool and an entirely cloud-based service, MindMeister enables your team to brainstorm, visualize, plan and present from any device or office location. Offering special pricing for all NGOs, MindMeister makes online mind mapping and project planning creative, collaborative and affordable.

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Teams All Over the World Rely on MindMeister

Find out how organizations around the world are using MindMeister for their team, meeting and project management using mind maps:

Case Study ESEB


Housing NGO

ESEB use MindMeister, MeisterTask and Google Workspace to provide safe and environmentally-friendly housing for families across Europe.

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Case Study CREA Mont Blanc

CREA Mont Blanc

Environmental NGO

CREA Mont Blanc use MindMeister and MeisterTask to investigate the effects of global warming in their region.

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Case Study Part Time Scientists

Part Time Scientists

Science Team

The Part Time Scientists use MindMeister to bring everyone in their dispersed team onto the same page, share data and eliminate duplicate work.

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MindMeister Feature Overview

With MindMeister, NGOs can work creatively and collaboratively, whether all based together in one room or half-way across the world. Teams can brainstorm new ideas, map out project plans and provide engaging presentations, before turning plans into action.

Visual Planning

Map out your NGO’s structure, reports and project planning in visual, shareable mind maps. All mind maps are updated in real-time, across all devices.

Presentation Mode

Make your meetings productive and fun! Use mind maps to create meeting agendas and take collaborative notes. Then use presentation mode to share your plans.

Export, Embed & Print

Make your mind maps accessible, even when offline, by exporting to PDF and Word documents, or print your map full-size to share and embellish in-person.

Everything in One Place

Each topic in your map offers space to attach screenshots, mock-ups, videos, links and documents, ensuring that all project-related files are collated in a central, secure workspace.

Feedback & Commenting

Gather team input directly within your mind maps, via in-built commenting and voting features that allow team members to provide feedback directly inside the mind map.

Agile Task Management

Turn ideas into action by exporting to-dos to MeisterTask, our Kanban-based task manager for teams. Tasks remain synchronized between the mind map and project, keeping everyone updated.

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Using Mind Maps at NGOs

Used by NGOs globally, MindMeister provides teams with a means of generating new ideas and plans, plus so much more! From creating compelling presentations, to managing project budgets, MindMeister promotes a progressive, creative way for NGOs to operate. Here’s how:

Centralized Knowledge Management

With MindMeister, your team can manage company information and knowledge centrally and securely. With all essential data, links and files stored in one central place, information can be quickly located and new team members can be onboarded with ease.

Build Successful Strategies

Successful projects and bids require solid strategies. With MindMeister, you can map out a project roadmap for your strategy and embed links to all essential resources, such as your budget spreadsheet and quarterly KPIs, enabling you to stay on track and provide evidence to potential funders and partners.

Present and Inspire

Whether you’re looking to motivate your team on the impact of their work, or demonstrate your achievements to founders, an impressive presentation can go a long way. With MindMeister, you can convert your mind maps directly into visual, interactive presentations in seconds.

By preparing project plans in MindMeister, drawing together a comprehensive picture of projects to present to team members, our weekly team meetings now have structure, making them collaborative and efficient. Importantly, the plans are turned into actionable tasks in MeisterTask, so projects are seen through.

Richard Raquillet, Vice President of CREA Mont Blanc

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Productive Meetings

With all mind maps updated in real-time across all devices, including iOS and Android, co-working with MindMeister is seamless whether you’re located together in one room or across time zones. Create effective agendas, clear meeting notes, and actionable follow-up items, all using mind maps.

Turn Plans into Action

To ensure plans made during meetings won’t slip between the gaps, turn all plans in MindMeister into actionable, assigned to-dos in our integrated task management tool, MeisterTask.

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