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Simple, Efficient Note Taking

MindMeister is an online note-taking software that helps you take more efficient notes during meetings, talks and lectures, using the popular mind map technique.

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Used by Businesses Everywhere

Businesses around the world use online mind mapping to take more efficient meeting minutes, brainstorm ideas and make notes throughout their work day. Here are a few of their amazing stories:

Case Study ChatWork


Software Developer

ChatWork uses MindMeister to dramatically decrease meeting time and create in-house documents such as proposals and reports.

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Case Study Pixum


Online Photo Service

Pixum has managed to increase meeting efficiency by 30% using MindMeister and Google Workspace for Work.

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Case Study Dewaele


Estate Agency

The Dewaele Group uses MindMeister and Google Workspace for Work to improve their meeting and project management.

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Why Take Notes in a Mind Map?

Mind maps help you take more meaningful and efficient notes than traditional note taking formats. Instead of mindlessly transcribing what you hear, mind maps help you extract the essence of the information and note it down in the form of keywords and short phrases. Using colors, images and a graphical structure, the mind map conveys hierarchies and connections between individual notes at a glance.

Take fewer, more meaningful notes

Visualize connections and hierarchies

Capture thoughts in real-time

See the bigger picture at a glance

Revise notes faster

Memorize information long-term

MindMeister: Free Online Note-Taking Software

When it comes to note-taking software, you need a tool that’s fast, flexible and intuitive. MindMeister’s award-winning online mind map editor lets you capture thoughts quickly, restructure them as needed, and then turn them into presentations, Word documents and more:

Intuitive Note Taking

Click anywhere on the canvas to create a new topic; quickly group and restructure notes via drag & drop; paste links and images directly into the canvas, and more!

Real-time Collaboration

Share mind maps with colleagues to take meeting minutes and brainstorm together in real-time. You can also comment and vote on ideas to provide feedback.

Import & Export

Import text from other sources to turn it into a mind map; export maps as text outlines with indents, or export directly to Microsoft Word, PDF and other formats.

Media Attachments

Enrich your notes and meeting minutes with icons, links, images and videos, or upload whole files to ensure that all relevant information is stored in a central space.

Engaging Presentations

Turn your notes into engaging slideshows using MindMeister’s built-in presentation mode. Broadcast presentations online or export them to PPTx.

Task Management

Turn notes into fully featured tasks with deadlines, assignees and priorities, or export them directly to MeisterTask where you can manage them in visual Kanban boards.

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Using Mind Maps for Note Taking

Taking efficient notes is an invaluable skill in both business and educational settings, and with MindMeister’s versatile map editor you’re well equipped to take notes in class, in a meeting room or even on the go.

Meeting Minutes

Outline your meeting agenda in a mind map, share it with your team members, and take meeting minutes together in real-time. Whether you’re sitting in the same room or are thousands of miles apart, the mind map helps you visualize what’s important and discuss issues efficiently.

We could also use Google Documents for our meetings, but using mind maps is more visually attractive and easier to understand, as agendas, decisions, opinions, everything is connected in one map.

Mr. Horie, Marketing Manager

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Note Taking in Education

Millions of students already use mind maps to take more effective notes in class and during lectures. Mind maps visualize how individual pieces of information are connected, helping students comprehend and memorize even complex topics more easily.


Mind mapping is the most widely used format for creative brainstorming sessions because it helps spark new ideas by association. With its fast and intuitive map editor, MindMeister supports a virtually frictionless thought transcription, making it one of the best brainstorming tools on the market.

Note Making

Mind maps are a great format to make notes while reading a book or watching an educational video. Summarizing the content’s key ideas in a map not only helps you retain the information longer, but also lets you refer back to it anytime you want to quickly refresh your memory.

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