What is Russia?

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What is Russia? создатель Mind Map: What is Russia?

1. It's a big, strong, our country!

2. Day of national unity

3. List of National Holidays

3.1. Quiz

3.1.1. New Year

3.1.2. Christmas

3.1.3. Easter

3.1.4. Victory Day

3.1.5. Tatiana Day

3.1.6. Ivan Kupala

3.1.7. Maslenitsa

3.1.8. Peter and Fevronya Day

4. Once in Russia

5. People we are proud of

5.1. My favourite teacher

5.2. Teacher, mentor, sportsman

6. National Holidays

7. My Little Motherland

7.1. Kinel-Cherkassy in Brief

7.1.1. Emblem

7.1.2. Location

8. Traditions and customs of Russia

8.1. A Reply Letter

9. Foreigners about Russia

9.1. Advice of an experienced tourist

9.1.1. Some useful tips