Job Management System Roadmap

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Job Management System Roadmap создатель Mind Map: Job Management System Roadmap

1. Integration of Issues/Bug Fixes

1.1. Buzilla type bugs and associated tasks are linked toTask Management

2. Milestone Management

2.1. Manually entered and tracked by PM

2.2. Uses pre-defined VSS Milestones

3. Issue/Risk Tracking

3.1. Manually managed by PM (JMS 1.0)

3.2. Tracks issues encountered in this job, and risks for this job

4. Resource Management

4.1. Tracking and management of task effort

4.2. EACs and Primary Group managed by PM

4.3. Resource conflicts via JMS reports

4.4. Resource forecasts via JMS reports

5. Integration of Customer Requirements

5.1. Track customer requirements

5.2. Track scope changes and assumptions

5.3. Integrate testing schedules and results

6. Integrating Bid / Proposal Info

6.1. Automatically capture and categorize estimates from Proposals and Bids for future job planning

7. Task Management

7.1. Tracking and management of task schedules

7.1.1. Can come from bid (f)

7.1.2. Can update from JIRA (f)

7.2. Define Op Codes needed

7.3. Pre-defined at VSS and Dept level

7.3.1. Each dept manager can ACD Op Codes and descriptions as needed

7.4. JMS updates to Syteline (f)

8. Resulting Defect Tracking

8.1. Bugs created as a result of this job are tracked via Issue Tracking (JIRA?) and linked to JMS

9. Material Management

9.1. PM? enters the planned material costs for the job

9.2. Costs can come from the bid/proposal

9.3. Top job and BTS job material costs compared to estimates and checked against plan dates

9.4. Can be viewed on demand or delivered via Action Reports

10. Action Reports

10.1. Pre-defined, data triggered reports for all critical activities that should be monitored

10.1.1. Tasks that are past the end date but are still open

10.1.2. Tasks that are before the start date but are open

10.1.3. Tasks that are after the start date but are closed

10.1.4. Actual hours exceed threshold, EAC, Baseline, 80%/90%/100%

10.1.5. No actual hours after job start date by x # of days

10.1.6. Milestones that are coming up or past/not complete

10.1.7. Job has not been statused in 30 days

10.1.8. Material purchases that are over plan (f)

10.1.9. Material purchases that are behind plan (f)

10.1.10. Travel plans that are coming up (f)

10.1.11. Travel expenses that are over estimates by x% (f)

10.1.12. More/fewer trips than estimated (f)

10.1.13. Scheduled management review coming up or overdue (f)

10.2. Triggers can be Plan vs. Actual, Effort, Schedule, Costs or other tracked activity or lack of activity

10.3. Reports emailed to PM and DR weekly

11. Job Status Reporting

11.1. Management report with pre-defined filters

11.2. Combines several metrics to create a dashboard

11.3. Details can be downloaded to Powerpivot

12. Travel Management

12.1. PM? enters the planned trips and trip categories, costs and schedules for the job

12.2. Travel schedules are compared to planned travel dates (Travel Request System)

12.3. Travel expenses are compared to planned travel expenses (Travel Expense System)

13. Workflow and Approvals

13.1. Initial Job Request and Approval

13.2. Accounting creates job in Syteline

14. JMS - Features and Phases

15. Project Workspace

15.1. Determine best tool for building, managing and shareing project documentation

15.2. Integration with JMS

15.3. Create a workspace template by dept

16. Job Closing Activities

16.1. Bugs created as a result of this job are tracked via Issue Tracking (JIRA?) and linked to JMS