Startup Ecosystem in Vietnam

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Startup Ecosystem in Vietnam создатель Mind Map: Startup Ecosystem in Vietnam

1. Incubators and Accelerators

1.1. Founder's Institute - Run by the online education website, Topica, Founder's Institute has graduated over 40 startups. Some have gone on to grow to over 100 people, most notably Appota.

1.2. Egg Agency - A quasi-digital agency and accelerator, the Egg Agency adapts a new model to acceleration. It doesn't just accelerate startups by offering space, mentorship, and a luxury spa, but it also brings in major contracts for its startups to work on in the digital arena.

1.3. Silicon Valley Project - Two accelerators will be launched by this project in 2014.

1.4. mLab - Funded by the World Bank and part of a global initiative for foster startups in the mobile space, this incubation program is growing about 9 main startups.

1.5. BTIC - Founded and funded by Becamex, one of Vietnam's biggest real estate companies, it has set aside space, seed funding, and mentorship for 3 startups so far. It also hosts huge high profile events.

1.6. Saigon Hi Tech Park - This sanctioned business park is for startups, outsourcing companies, and hardware tech. It incubates and trains young technology scientists with the hopes of creating real businesses.

1.7. has also started offering a incubator program officially

2. Events

2.1. Annual

2.1.1. Startup Asean

2.1.2. Mobile Day

2.1.3. VYE Bootcamp

2.1.4. Startup Weekend (NEXT)

2.1.5. Startup Vietnam Conference

2.1.6. BTIC


2.1.8. TechCampSaigon

2.1.9. BarcampSaigon

2.2. Monthly

2.2.1. Mobile Monday

2.2.2. Agile Vietnam

2.2.3. Start Me Up

2.2.4. Web Wednesday

2.2.5. Hackathons - There are many hackathons (more than 8 in 2013) in Vietnam. You can follow the Startup Digest for Vietnam for more details and follow up on these.

2.2.6. Tech Talks

2.2.7. My Pro Club

2.2.8. Javascript Meetup, iOS group, Tech Tuesday and more...

2.2.9. Google for Entrepreneur Week

3. Investors

3.1. IDG Ventures Vietnam - Vietnam's longest standing venture capital firm in the tech startup space. It has been investing in Vietnam for over 9 years.

3.2. CyberAgent Ventures - The well known Japanese firm that has been investing across the region in startups. The firm has been in Vietnam for over 4 years.

3.3. Silicon Valley Project - A new investment and accelerator project under the auspices of the Vietnamese government and in partnership with foreign investors.

3.4. PVNI - PVNI is an investment firm that has interested in 4 startups, mainly in the tech space.

3.5. DFJ VinaCapital - An investment firm linked closely to DFJ, which invests in many sectors, tech being one of them.

3.6. Kusto Tiger IT Fund - An investment fund which is closely tied to Russia and is interested, in part, in fostering the startup community.

3.7. IDT - Also, a Russian investment firm, which is slotted to put $10 million into startups in the next few years.

3.8. Mekong Capital - A major Vietnamese investment firm, which notably invested in The Gioi Gi Dong, one of Vietnam's biggest tech retailers.

3.9. Cloud Funding - A new project closely tied to the Hub.IT and working closely with Singaporean investors interested in Vietnam

3.10. VI Corporation - With a long history in real estate, VI Corp is getting more involved in Vietnam's startup scene.

3.11. Savvi Angels - A group of Vietnamese Overseas angel investors who used to meet, they have since stopped looking at the market

3.12. Gale Creek Investments - This firm focuses on funding online marketers, senior executives, business analysts and financial startups

4. Services and Helpful Organizations

4.1. 5Desire - Founded to incubate and consult for startups and businesses across Vietnam, but mainly in Hanoi, 5Desire is one of the most influential components of Vietnam's startup scene.

4.2. HATCH! PROGRAM - mentoring, coaching, incubation, seed funding for multi-sector/industry start-ups; programs based on US / EU best practices. As of July 2014, six start-ups are in the limited program.

4.3. Viet Youth Entrepreneurs - The organizer of VYE Bootcamp, a week-long training camp that brings in professors and speakers from abroad and Vietnam to train new young startups.

4.4. Aiti Aptech - A tech company dedicated to the education of young tech professional in tech skills, management, and startup. It also holds the annual Mobile Day.

4.5. - A new organization built around helping young startups secure investment deals with foreign investors.

4.6. - Founded to foster the startup ecosystem through local events like Startup Weekend and training programs for startup skills.

4.7. Cyclonize - A media site that helps young startups learn about popular startup ideas across the world, especially from the Silicon Valely.

4.8. Open Consultant - A long time trainer and organizer in the startup ecosystem in Vietnam, which offers workshops as well as played a fundamental role in building communities like Launch.

4.9. StartupJobs.Asia - A platform for listing jobs for startups. It's regional but also lists jobs in Vietnam that are available in local startups.

5. Co-Working Spaces

5.1. Saigon Hub

5.2. Hub.IT

5.3. Commune Hanoi

5.4. ClickSpace

5.5. Start Center for Entrepreneurs

5.6. GekkoSpace

6. Communication Platforms

6.1. Launch - A Facebook group with more than 10,000 users. It's Vietnam's number one channel for chatting about startup.

6.2. - Vietnam's premier startup database that hosts a comprehensive list of all the startups that are in Vietnam. It will also be launching a forum, and events calendar.

7. Media

7.1. Tech In Asia




7.5. FBNC Vietnam




7.9. VNMG




7.13. Linkhay

8. Big Companies - Companies like VNG and VCCorp play a big part in the ecosystem in that they not only acquire companies, but also produce potential founders.

8.1. VNG


8.3. VC Corp

8.4. Vat Gia

8.5. Career Builder

8.6. Rocket Internet Properties

8.7. Vietnamworks

8.8. FPT

8.9. Project Lana

8.10. Nhac Cua Tui