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Facebook создатель Mind Map: Facebook

1. Work

1.1. Industries

1.1.1. Administrative

1.1.2. Architecture and Engineering

1.1.3. Arts, entertainment, sports and media

1.1.4. Business and financial operations

1.1.5. Cleaning and maintenance

1.1.6. Community and social services

1.1.7. Computer and mathematics

1.1.8. Construction and extraction

1.1.9. Education and library

1.1.10. Farming, fishing and forestry

1.1.11. Food preparation and services

1.1.12. Government Employees

1.1.13. Healthcare and medical

1.1.14. Installation and repair

1.1.15. IT and technical

1.1.16. Legal

1.1.17. Management

1.1.18. Military

1.1.19. Nurses

1.1.20. Personal Care

1.1.21. Production

1.1.22. Protective Service

1.1.23. Retail

1.1.24. Sales

1.1.25. Science

1.1.26. Temporary and seasonal

1.1.27. Transportation and Moving

1.1.28. Veterans (US)

1.2. Employers

1.2.1. (hell lot of them)

1.3. Job Titles

1.3.1. (hell lot of them)

1.4. Office type

1.4.1. Home office

1.4.2. Small business

1.4.3. Small Offices

2. Demographics

2.1. Education

2.1.1. Fields of Study (hell lot of them)

2.1.2. Education Level Associate degree College grad Doctorate degree High school grad In college In grad school In high school Master's degree Professional degree Some college Some grad school Some high school Unspecified

2.1.3. Schools (hell lot of them)

2.1.4. Undergrad Years (hell lot of them)

2.2. Ethnic Affinity

2.2.1. General African American (US) Hispanic (US - All) Hispanic (US - Bilingual) Hispanic (US - English dominant) Hispanic (US - Spanish dominant)

2.3. Generation

2.3.1. General Baby boomers (US) Generation X Millennials

2.4. Life Events

2.4.1. General Anniversary within 30 Days Away from family Away from hometown Friends of Anniversary within 30 Days Friends of Newly Engaged Friends of Newlywed Friends of Recently Moved Long distance relationship New job New relationship Newly engaged (1 year) Newly engaged (3 months) Newly engaged (6 months) Newlywed (1 year) Newlywed (3 months) Newlywed (6 months) Recently moved Upcoming birthday

2.5. Parents

2.5.1. General Expectant parents Parents (All) Parents (child: 0-3yrs) Parents (child: 13-15yrs) Parents (child: 16-19yrs) Parents (child: 4-12yrs)

2.6. Politics (US)

2.6.1. General US Politics (Active) US Politics (Conservative) US Politics (Liberal) US Politics (Moderate) US Politics (Very Conservative) US Politics (Very Liberal)

2.7. Relationship

2.7.1. Relationship Status Civil Union Complicated Divorced Domestic Partnership Engaged In a relationship Married

2.7.2. Interested In Men Men and Women

2.7.3. Relationship Status Open Relationship Separated Single

2.7.4. Interested In Unspecified

2.7.5. Relationship Status Unspecified

2.7.6. Interested In Women

3. Behaviors

3.1. Digital activities

3.1.1. Canvas Gaming Average Engagement (in last 7 days) Played game in last 14 days Played game in last 3 days Played game in last 7 days Played game yesterday

3.1.2. Internet Browser Used Primary Browser: Chrome Primary Browser: Firefox Primary Browser: Internet Explorer Primary Browser: Opera Primary Browser: Safari

3.1.3. Operating System Used Primary OS Mac OS X Primary OS Windows 7 Primary OS Windows 8 Primary OS Windows Vista Primary OS Windows XP

3.1.4. Primary email domain AOL Email Addressees Apple Email Addresses Gmail Users Hotmail Email Addresses MSN.com Email Addresses Yahoo Email Addresses

3.1.5. Console gamers

3.1.6. Event creators

3.1.7. Facebook Page Admins

3.1.8. Online spenders

3.1.9. Online spenders (Active)

3.1.10. Online spenders (Engaged)

3.1.11. Photo uploaders

3.1.12. Small business owners

3.1.13. Technology early adopters

3.1.14. Technology late adopters

3.1.15. Unity Plugin

3.2. Expats

3.2.1. Expats (All)

3.2.2. Expats (Brazil)

3.2.3. Expats (China)

3.2.4. Expats (India)

3.2.5. Expats (Indonesia)

3.2.6. Expats (South Africa)

3.3. Mobile Device User

3.3.1. All Mobile Devices by Brand Huawei Karbonn Motorola Other Android devices Xiaomi XOLO Amazon Apple Asus BlackBerry Google HTC LG Nokia Samsung Sony

3.3.2. All Mobile Devices by Operating System All Android devices All iOS devices Windows Phones

3.3.3. Network Connection 2G Connection 3G Connection 4G Connection

3.3.4. All mobile devices

3.3.5. Feature phones

3.3.6. New smartphone and tablet owners

3.3.7. Smartphone Owners

3.3.8. Smartphones and tablets

3.3.9. Tablet Owners

3.4. Seasonal and Events

3.4.1. Fall Football (US) Casual Fans Fans of 1 or more Teams Fans of 3 or more Teams Super Fans The Big Game

3.5. Travel

3.5.1. All frequent travelers

3.5.2. Business travelers

3.5.3. Commuters

3.5.4. Currently traveling

3.5.5. Planning to travel Intender - (Any Destination) Intender - Australia Intender - Beach Intender - Brazil Intender - Dubai Intender - England Intender - France Intender - Germany Intender - Italy Intender - Las Vegas Intender - Los Angeles Intender - Mexico Intender - Netherlands Intender - New York Intender - Orlando Intender - San Francisco Intender - Spain Intender - Thailand

3.5.6. Returned from trip 1 week ago 2 weeks ago

3.5.7. Used travel app (1 month) (2 weeks)

4. Interests

4.1. Business and industry

4.1.1. Advertising

4.1.2. Agriculture

4.1.3. Banking Investment banking Online banking Retail banking

4.1.4. Architecture

4.1.5. Aviation

4.1.6. Business

4.1.7. Construction

4.1.8. Design Fashion design Graphic design Interior design

4.1.9. Economics

4.1.10. Engineering

4.1.11. Entrepreneurship

4.1.12. Health care

4.1.13. Higher education

4.1.14. Management

4.1.15. Marketing

4.1.16. Nursing

4.1.17. Online Digital marketing Display advertising Email marketing Online advertising Search engine optimization Social media Social media marketing Web design Web development Web hosting

4.1.18. Personal Finance Credit cards Insurance Investment Mortgage loans

4.1.19. Real estate

4.1.20. Retail

4.1.21. Sales

4.1.22. Science

4.1.23. Small business

4.2. Entertainment

4.2.1. Games Action games Board games Browser games Card games Casino games First-person shooter games Gambling Massively multiplayer online games Massively multiplayer online role-playing games Online games Online poker Puzzle video games Racing games Role-playing games Shooter games Simulation games Sports games Strategy games Video games Remove Word games

4.2.2. Live events Ballet Bars Concerts Dancehalls Music festivals Nightclubs Parties Plays Theatre

4.2.3. Movies Action movies Animated movies Anime movies Bollywood movies Comedy movies Documentary movies Drama movies Fantasy movies Horror movies Musical theatre Science fiction movies Thriller movies

4.2.4. Music Blues music Classical music Country music Dance music Electronic music Gospel music Heavy metal music Hip hop music Jazz music Music videos Remove Pop music Rhythm and blues music Rock music Soul music

4.2.5. Reading Books Comics E-books Fiction books Literature Magazines Manga Mystery fiction Newspapers Non-fiction books Romance novels

4.2.6. TV TV comedies TV game shows TV reality shows TV talkshows

4.3. Family and relationships

4.3.1. Dating —

4.3.2. Family —

4.3.3. Fatherhood —

4.3.4. Friendship —

4.3.5. Marriage —

4.3.6. Motherhood —

4.3.7. Parenting —

4.3.8. Weddings —

4.4. Fitness and wellness

4.4.1. Bodybuilding —

4.4.2. Dieting —

4.4.3. Gyms —

4.4.4. Meditation —

4.4.5. Nutrition —

4.4.6. Physical exercise —

4.4.7. Physical fitness —

4.4.8. Running —

4.4.9. Weight loss —

4.4.10. Weight training —

4.4.11. Yoga —

4.4.12. Zumba —

4.5. Food and drink

4.5.1. Alcoholic beverages Beer Distilled beverage Wine

4.5.2. Beverages Coffee Energy drinks Juice Soft drinks Tea

4.5.3. Cooking Baking Recipes

4.5.4. Cuisine Chinese cuisine French cuisine German cuisine Greek cuisine Indian cuisine Italian cuisine Japanese cuisine Korean cuisine Latin American cuisine Mexican cuisine Middle Eastern cuisine Spanish cuisine Thai cuisine Vietnamese cuisine

4.5.5. Food Barbecue Chocolate Desserts Fast food Organic food Pizza Seafood Veganism Vegetarianism

4.5.6. Restaurants Café Coffeehouses Diners Fast casual restaurants Fast food restaurants

4.6. Hobbies and activities

4.6.1. Arts and music Acting Crafts Dance Drawing Drums Fine art Guitar Painting Performing arts Photography Sculpture Singing Writing

4.6.2. Current events —

4.6.3. Home and garden Do it yourself (DIY) Furniture Gardening Home Appliances Home improvement

4.6.4. Pets Birds Cats Dogs Fish Horses Pet food Rabbits Reptiles

4.6.5. Politics and social issues Charity and causes Community issues Environmentalism Law Military Politics Religion Sustainability Veterans Volunteering

4.6.6. Travel Adventure travel Air travel Beaches Car rentals Cruises Ecotourism Hotels Lakes Mountains Nature Sightseeing Theme parks Vacations

4.6.7. Vehicles Automobiles Boats Electric vehicle Hybrids Minivans Motorcycles RVs Scooters SUVs Trucks

4.7. Shopping and fashion

4.7.1. Beauty Beauty salons Cosmetics Fragrances Hair products Spas Tattoos

4.7.2. Clothing Children's clothing Men's clothing Shoes Women's clothing

4.7.3. Fashion accessories Dresses Handbags Jewelry Sunglasses

4.7.4. Shopping Boutiques Coupons Discount stores Luxury goods Online shopping Shopping malls

4.7.5. Toys —

4.8. Sports and outdoors

4.8.1. Outdoor recreation Boating Camping Fishing Hiking Horseback riding Hunting Mountain biking Surfing

4.8.2. Sports American football Association football (Soccer) Auto racing Baseball Basketball College football Golf Marathons Skiing Snowboarding Swimming Tennis Triathlons Volleyball

4.9. Technology

4.9.1. Computers Computer memory Computer monitors Computer processors Computer servers Desktop computers Free software Hard drives Network storage Software Tablet computers

4.9.2. Consumer electronics Audio equipment Camcorders Cameras E-book readers Game consoles GPS devices Mobile phones Portable media players Projectors Smartphones Televisions

4.10. Additional Entries

4.10.1. can be found by "suggestions" (hell lot of them)