Graphic Life Map Of Literacy and Numeracy: Don Pardy

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Graphic Life Map Of Literacy and Numeracy: Don Pardy создатель Mind Map: Graphic Life Map Of Literacy and Numeracy: Don Pardy

1. Home Life: Pre-Kindergarten: Taught simple language and number skills by my mother who used distance learning tools for aides in educating my brothers and I. Subjects included science, social studies, reading and writing, and math.

2. Elementary: K to Grade Five: Extremely enjoyable and effective math manipulative and multiplication charts from Mrs. McGregor in Grade three. Also, home schooling during my time in Mexico shifted focus to self-efficacy in literacy for both educational and entertainment purposes. Grade 5 pen-pal in Australia really increased my writing skills beyond the norm.

3. Middle School Grades Six to Seven: Mr. Renton taught us essay writing and calligraphy to great lengths. Creative writing and book reports really started to take shape during this time.

4. High School Grades Eight to Twelve: I failed grade nine math with over three quarters of my class, relegating me to 'dummy' math courses for the duration of my high school years, a great source of apprehension and shame for me even to this day. Mrs. Mulligan's creative writing class truly unlocked writing for me. Drama club increased my exposure to hundreds of books and stories. I wrote and directed a film into curriculum in grade 12.

5. Post Secondary University: Some university courses in English literature and Teaching English as a Second Language. Trade school plumbing really helped my skills in geometry and most simple mathematics. I have been writing a science fiction novel for years.