Ecological problems of Kuzbass

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Ecological problems of Kuzbass создатель Mind Map: Ecological problems of Kuzbass

1. air pollution car's gases

1.1. disease of people

1.1.1. plant trees

1.2. animals die

1.3. soil is polutted

1.3.1. use modern filters

1.4. destruction of plants

2. open minning

2.1. destruction of plants

2.1.1. plant trees

2.2. animals lose ther homes

2.2.1. feed wild animals

2.3. it causes moving soil layers

3. deforestation

3.1. air pollution

3.2. animals lose their homes

3.2.1. plant trees and flowers

3.3. disease of people

4. a lot of garbage around us

4.1. environmental pollution

4.1.1. to buy unpackaged goods

4.2. litter looks horrible

4.2.1. to clear all the litter outside the school

4.3. It can kill or hurt animals

4.3.1. recycling