CRC Spare parts process chain

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CRC Spare parts process chain создатель Mind Map: CRC Spare parts process chain

1. Stage 1 SIV. Internal order processing

1.1. 1.1 Collecting orders from dealers (SIV's spare part department)

1.1.1. 1.2 Internal order forwarded to the supply department

2. Stage 2 SIV. Order submission in Sales force (e-ordering)

2.1. 2.1 SIV's supply chain manager is importing .csv master file in e-ordering

2.1.1. 2.2 Final checks (replacements, availability, etc) 2.3 "Submit for approval"

3. Stage 3 CRC. Order details sent to CRC

3.1. 3.1 SIV's supply chain manager sends an alert to CRC via e-mail, containig order details and OA request

4. Stage 4 SIV+CRC. OA final check and order confirmation

4.1. 4.1 OA received by supply department (usually contains

4.1.1. 4.2 OA checking (refs, qty, prices) 4.3 Confirmation sent to CRC (greenlight)

5. Stage 5 CRC. Picking&Packing by Geodis at the warehouse in Venlo

5.1. 5.1 CRC contacts with Geodis, starting a process of picking&packing (CRC's representative Hugues Beernaert)

5.1.1. 5.2 Geodis is working 5.3 The order is prepared, PL is provided to CRC

6. Stage 6 CRC. Shipping document sent from CRC to SIV

6.1. 6.1 Invoice&PL sent to SIV's supply department by Ger Martens

7. Stage 7 CRC. Order picked by TNT

7.1. 7.1 TNT courier is ordered by Geodis, according to the details from e-ordering (TNT account, insurance, order type, shipping address)

7.1.1. 7.2 Order finally picked by TNT