Be Pain/Injury Free

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Be Pain/Injury Free 作者: Mind Map: Be Pain/Injury Free

1. Idealy getting into a steady state before a run or work out decreases injury. Your steady state is where you want to be to obtain optimal performance. That is why you've always heard to do a warm up before activity.For many reasons such as, blood flow/circulation, mobility (range of motion), muscle activation, and flexibility. It also starts to increase your metabolic systems (heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure, etc.).

1.1. dynamic stretching vs. static

1.2. static after work out/run (longer)

2. Test streatch, test load, then test variation of lift. Total body awareness will always pave the safest way to building strength and muscle. Strength trumps ALL in the fitness game. . The goal to keep the body loose is the key to be explosive! Forty-five muscle groups attatch to the pelvis. Just one tight muscle can throw off your pelvic allingment, walk, running stride. It will pull your whole body the wrong way, but a massage will realign your body. Whoever hits the hardest and moves around the best ALWAYS wins in sports...but in everyday life it keeps YOU pain/ injury free!

2.1. biofeedback testing

3. Muscle wants to be long and stretched. But like life there is no sitting still. It is either tight or stretched. And tight muscle can't be explosive. First a massage. Getting the central nervous system to fire off on several muscle groups at once works for fat loss the same as it does athletes! Soft tissue work means a massage, ideally identifying a tight/knotted up mussle. Breaking up scar tissue thus promoting bloodflow from beatup and torn muscle tissue. This aids in the recovery process (blood flow) Enter Contrast showers (also promoting bloodflow.) Cycling 3X {30s hot as you can stand / 30s cold}. Resistance-band drills to get muscles to fire!

3.1. recovering from tight/painful muscles