Tracy and Technology

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Tracy and Technology by Mind Map: Tracy and Technology

1. Earliest Memories

1.1. Had a Laser Disk player and parents ripped LD movies onto VHS

1.1.1. May have contributed to me wanting everything for free now.

1.2. The invention of caller ID and *69

1.3. First AOL dial-up; fifth grade

2. Apple

2.1. PC to Apple changed my world

2.2. Will sell first born to get an iPhone 5

3. Made Me Cheap

3.1. Will try best not to pay full price for anything

3.2. Napster, Limewire, and now torrents and icefilms. However, will pay for music if really like artist.

4. Communication

4.1. First cell phone in the 8th grade to the Blackberry stuck to my hand.

4.2. 6th grade foray in the world of AIM: angelbaby245 (first sn)

4.3. SKYPE: necessity to talk to family and friends.

5. Google Owns Me

5.1. Gmail dependent

5.1.1. Use it to remember links, online journal, email things to myself.

5.2. Google Maps in my sense of direction

5.3. Will not use anything but Google search

6. Social Networking

6.1. Facebook: made it so I couldn't forget anyone.

6.2. Yelp: Almost won't go anywhere unless I've yelped it first.

7. Learned How to Drive

7.1. FREEDOM!!!