Laurea’s guidelines concerning social media

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Laurea’s guidelines concerning social media by Mind Map: Laurea’s guidelines concerning social media

1. Marketing in social media

1.1. The person in charge should also monitor comments entered and delete inappropriate messages. In social media, expectations on how quickly a response is received are higher than on websites in general, but offering too much information too frequently must also be avoided.

1.1.1. I agree.

1.2. The most important thing is to adhere to the ground rules of each social media community and act in accordance with the practices of the media in question. Social media should not be used for hidden marketing. For example, advertisements of Laurea disguised as opinions should not be published in discussion forums.

1.2.1. I disagree, and yes social media not be used for hidden marketing, but in forums anybody must have a right to write or to comments what ever he/she wants, because "freedom of speech must respected" but if he/she goes out of control, some act must take action. but before went to forum, must agreed on the rules of chatting on forum.

2. Social media and the learning process

2.1. Whenever you do something, whether in your workplace or in your own yard, you are responsible for your actions. Always treat others with respect and do not violate their privacy. Do not publish the names, pictures or other identifiable information of others in social media without permission. Hostile behaviour and communication will lead to investigations and may even result in legal action.

2.1.1. I agree, privacy must respected

2.2. Remember that in social media, people may not be who they claim to be. A dishonest person wanting to be your friend may, for example, have criminal intentions and deliberately mislead you. However, for some people using a nickname or a virtual character may make it easier to process difficult topics and emotions. Still, you should not discuss personal matters profoundly in social media, but if needed, discussions should be taken to Laurea’s own services or other suitable environment.

2.2.1. I agree, but in Finland it must not examine in this prescriptive. What I meant is Finland is a safe country, and I would not focus too much on this issue. However if there is, it must be act accordingly.

3. Information security and copyright

3.1. Successful use of social media also requires knowledge of information security matters. Here are some basic tips: - Make sure the anti-virus software in your computer or mobile phone is up-to-date. - Select a unique and complex password which outsiders cannot guess. - Do not use the user ID / password combination of Laurea’s information network in social media tools. - Do not accept unknown persons into your network. - Do not open suspicious links or messages. - Protect the privacy of yourself and others.

3.1.1. Yes, I agree.

4. Social media and you

4.1. "To find one’s own role in social media, so a good place to start is to observe what others do."

4.1.1. Disagree, because you don't have to observe what others do, you have to do your imagination, and feel free to do by yourself. And if you observe what others do, it is not "You"

4.2. Always consider what content you produce and who you accept into your network. Party pictures might not be appropriate to share in a network where your manager is a member. They are also not appropriate on pages which are read by your future employer.

4.2.1. I agree.

5. Laurea social media ladder

5.1. I agree to all, what been written. :)

6. More information

6.1. [email protected] [email protected]

6.1.1. I disagree, because there is few info, regarding to whom to contact, it need to put contact information, for example telephone numbers and when you can make a phone call time given.