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Timeline by Mind Map: Timeline

1. Monday (12/4)

1.1. Collaborate on the prominent layout (e.g. christmas tree). Discuss the work ethic in which we will approach this project, and converse about the amount of expected collaboration from every group member. Read “Anita’s Diary”. While reading, individually note any proposals or ideas thought of while reading.

2. Tuesday (12/5)

2.1. Finish reading “Anita’s diary”. Find a useful website platform to use to record the timeline and flowchart. Format the timeline and flowchart. Collaboratively, complete the timeline for 12/4, 12/5, 12/6, and 12/7.

3. Wednesday (12/6)

3.1. Complete the timeline. Complete all novel reading. After reading, make any alterations to the plan for the main layout of the project. Begin writing about the incorporating of STREAM, art, and literary elements.

4. Thursday (12/7)

4.1. Complete the flowchart section about how all of the STREAM, art, and literature components will be incorporated into our project. Start working on location proposal.

5. Friday (12/8)

5.1. Finish location proposal. Evaluate and modify the timeline, location proposal, and flowchart. Correct any grammar errors.

6. Saturday and Sunday (12/9 and 12/10)

6.1. Gather all the materials for the construction of the project. Write the didactic plague. Write about the character's chosen literature.

7. Monday (12/11)

7.1. Start working on content for the Christmas display (connections, writing style, chapter titles, symbols, author's purpose, etc.).

8. Tuesday (12/12)

8.1. Finish writing content for the display, and then proofread it. Start constructing physical Christmas display, and write content to be put into the display.

9. Wednesday (12/13)

9.1. The major aspects of the building should be completed at the end of class. The minor details for the physical display, including lights and tinsel, should now be our main focus.