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Health and Safety by Mind Map: Health and Safety
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Health and Safety

Employer responsibility

Employers must provide a working environment which minimises any health and safety risk for employees.

Expected standards




hardware, i.e. screens for visually impaired


temperature control

Health Problems

RSI - Repetitive Strain Injury

performing the same action over and over again.   i.e. working at a keyboard all day

regular breaks

ergonomically designed hardware

appropriate furniture i.e. adjustable swivel chairs

wrist rests under keyboards

foot rests

changing sitting position


anti-glare screens i.e. TFT

deflect light away from screens

adjust screen brightness and contrast

good lighting

blinds to deflect sunlight

free eye tests

Back pain

adjustable chairs for height and backrests

regular breaks


computer screens can give out extremely low frequency (ELF) radiation.  eg similar to sunlight exposure.

regular breaks

deflect glare from screen

low-emission screens i.e. TFT

Safety in the workplace/classroom etc

accidents due to faulty/poorly organised equipment.

Safety measures

electrical switches and computer equipment in good repair and checked regularly.

cables and leads safely organised

no use of extension leads

controlled temperature/air conditioning

anti-static carpets and mats

fire extinguishers for electrical fires

no eating or drinking at computer

policy on health and safety

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