A students webzine project (eurscmag, 2018)

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A students webzine project (eurscmag, 2018) by Mind Map: A students webzine project (eurscmag, 2018)

1. community

1.1. create a community between schools of the European Schools network

2. How?

2.1. an editorial board: 15 students (15 years old) from different linguistic sections

2.2. the online webzine is published with Wordpress

2.3. the team works with O365 tools

2.3.1. 0365 TEAMS editorial board collaboration

2.3.2. Excel tasks tracking & links to the documents online form to collect articles proposals


3.1. students love it!

3.2. for many projects

3.3. "Pedagogy is about creating spaces and opportunities that are conducive to good learning" - Steve Wheeler

3.4. "the fundamental role of a teacher is not to deliver information. It is to guide the social process of learning" — Veritasium (Derek Alexander Muller)

4. What?

4.1. an online webzine written by the students of the European Schools

4.1.1. European Schools: network of schools for the children of EU employees

4.2. articles in all european languages

5. Why?

5.1. empowerment

5.1.1. freedom of expression is the foundation of all freedoms

5.1.2. There is nothing better for educating to the media litteracy than to produce one's own media.

5.1.3. students need to learn how to have a voice

6. Who?


6.1.1. Philosophy

6.1.2. Brussels