The Impact of Exploration

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The Impact of Exploration by Mind Map: The Impact of Exploration

1. How does a market economy grow?

1.1. Many people start to have much more money which makes it possible for them to buy and sell more things.

1.2. if the product was to high in one place then you would look for the place who had a cheep prize and you would buy it there.

1.3. a market economy is determined by the supply and demand.

1.3.1. New node

2. what is a cottage industry?

2.1. A cottage industry is a house were people live in.

2.2. In many places the clothes was made by hand and not in factory s because of these many people were hired to work to make these.

3. How did exploration help capitalism ?

3.1. The economic system was based on investigation of money for profit.

3.2. More trade was cosed by explaration which made people invest in companies.

4. What is mercantilism ?

4.1. Many countries would start to save money because they thought that they would gain more power.

4.2. this also had to do with them not exporting any thing or not even buy ing any thing at all .

4.3. they bought many colonies and they became alittle more power ful.