Alabama Teacher Connection Sherita Hayes

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Alabama Teacher Connection Sherita Hayes by Mind Map: Alabama Teacher Connection Sherita Hayes

1. Goals

1.1. Share vision of how to use personal learning networks as a tool to connect Alabama teachers

1.2. Explain the idea of PLNs and their application to education

1.3. Show examples of nationally recognized PLNs used in education

1.4. Discuss plans for developing The Alabama Teacher Connection

2. Team

2.1. Administrators

2.2. Teachers

2.3. Technology Specialists

2.4. ALEX

3. Personal Learning Networks (PLN)

3.1. Connections and Sharing

3.2. Social Media

3.3. Professional Development

4. Objectives

4.1. Determine if Alabama teachers need a personal learning network similar to national networks

4.2. List features that should be included in the network

4.3. Develop a follow up team that will assist in developing and publicizing the network

5. Ning

5.1. Classroom 2.0

5.2. Educator's PLN

6. Alabama's Ning

6.1. Why a separate Ning?

6.2. What features will be included?