Video for Pamela: success stories Compassion for Care

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Video for Pamela: success stories Compassion for Care by Mind Map: Video for Pamela:  success stories Compassion for Care

1. How it all started

1.1. Karen Armstrong Interview for TEDxAmsterdam

1.2. Gathering medical students who felt something needed to change

1.2.1. IFMSA Losing ones passion

1.3. Lucien busy with the concept of Compassion and Healthcare for sometime

1.3.1. Linked to Participatory Healthcare

1.4. Lines starting crossing

2. Creating the charter

2.1. the event

2.1.1. Type of people Doctors Nurses Health Insurance Patients Empowered Chronic Patients mothers Auditors

2.1.2. 26 of Feb

2.1.3. How the day went Interactive

2.1.4. Video will be coming of this day sometime in the future Ronald Pupupin

2.2. Made it into 1 text

2.3. Spreading of the buttons

3. Starting the initial movement

3.1. Supporters

3.1.1. Radboud Reshape and Innovation Center Lucien

3.1.2. TEDxMaastricht

3.1.3. Charter for Compassion

3.1.4. IFMSA-NL

3.2. Beginning of January

3.2.1. Things took an extra drive Harriet Messing came on board Communications advisor and huge driver Tessa Backhuijs Resident in Sport Medicine the team working towards the event on the 26th of Februar

4. Karen Armstrong

4.1. Where she endorsed the charter

4.2. we were able to talk her at her home on and discuss several issues

4.2.1. the need for compassion and implementing it in healthcare

5. TEDxMaastricht

5.1. Opportunity to present on stage

5.1.1. thanks to Lucien

5.2. Launching of the charter online

5.2.1. the website

5.3. having the TEDxMaastricht talk made that we could spread thereafter

6. The Charter

6.1. 500 signitures

6.2. Linkedin

6.2.1. 250 members

6.3. Facebook

6.3.1. New node

6.4. Twitter

6.4.1. 600 followers

6.4.2. twibbon 250

6.5. we're actively involved in the platform

6.5.1. Healthcare insurence companies

6.5.2. scientific reserach center

7. Future plans

7.1. Eduction

7.1.1. Training We have already given workshops Given training Charter for Compasion associates here in NL

7.1.2. Reshape Educational Module REshape Summercourse

7.2. Research

7.2.1. We've found research with positive effects

7.2.2. We are going to be doing our own Creating our own Creating questionaires validating

7.2.3. getting in contact with people who have done research on Positive effects on

7.3. Community

7.3.1. Buttons Doctors tweeting that they recieved a button

7.3.2. LinkedIn

7.3.3. Those signing the charter

7.4. Team

7.4.1. Broadening out

7.4.2. More people helping out