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JAM Takeaways 2011 by Mind Map: JAM Takeaways 2011
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JAM Takeaways 2011

7-6-11 Call


Our Needs, JICS, DB, TS, Net Partner / PowerFaids, Minimal Storage, AD Sync, SSO Consulting, Test Servers

Next Step


Still need SQL on MCCDB if FA, JICS and Jenzabar Move?

Do We have Windows Server Enterprise Licenses

How much Storage, Current BB then e-Racer, MCCDB Database, JICS Database

Setup Michigan CC Users Group

Contact CIOs

Contact Bryan


Training for IT

Training for Staff


Vantage Dashboards

Purchase Admissions

Download/Install Exec

Capture Data Warehouse

Get Pricing

Too Expense / Not Ready

Jenzabar Hosting

Get Pricing

Review Process


Evaluate ROI

4.0 Transition

Educate Employees

Review Security

Setup Test

Single Sign On


Test with Instructors

Setup Attendance

NotePad/Communication Mgr


Online 1098T

Get from Wiki

Online Banking Info for Students

Advising Review

Request Pricing and Time

Revamp Degree Audit

Retire S.I. Access DB

Form Builder