Community Based Treatment of Pneumonia

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Community Based Treatment of Pneumonia by Mind Map: Community Based Treatment of Pneumonia

1. ASHA Register Birth using a mobile phone/Tab

1.1. App reminds AHA when to visit the child

1.1.1. Immunization Counseling, Take General observations

2. ASHA Make Home Visits to see new born children

2.1. Observe for symptoms of Pneumonia, PPH and counsel for nutrition of mother and continuous and exclusive breastfeeding

2.1.1. Use a mobile, Tab based Job aid in doing couseling

3. Suspect Case of Pneumonia

3.1. Case identification based on expert made algorithm

3.1.1. Treatment Suggestions based on the observation taken and recorded on the application - APP guide the suggestion Expert Panel on the back end check the details taken and treatment suggested, - Ask for more information, discuss the case with ASHA on real time basis, - Give treatment via ASHA right on time. Cases Treated, Time take to decide on treatment, Cases referred Social Innovation - Doctors registered based on a fixed criterion, Private Doctors, Government Doctors, Just any qualified doctor ready to provide online support.

4. SBCC on prevention of Pneumonia happens simultaneously

5. Families are informed about informing the ASHA for treatment if dangerous signs are observed by mothers of new born and infants.

6. Innovation Elements - 1. Treatment of Pneumonia by ASHA at community backed by Panel of qualified doctors. 2. All qualified doctors willing to volunteers are engaged online. Thats a social innovation of sharing the expertise.

7. Problem to solve - 1. effective prevention of pneumonia using advanced job aid, 2. evidence based identification of cases for quick referrals. 3. early initiation of treatment by community based workers under expert guidance.