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Taskmasters.io by Mind Map: Taskmasters.io

1. Finance

1.1. Fund Sources

1.1.1. Net Income

1.1.2. Crowdfunding

1.2. Client Platforms

1.2.1. Upwork

1.2.2. Freelancer

1.2.3. Paypal

1.2.4. Articlemarket

1.2.5. Fiverr

1.2.6. iWriter

1.3. Fundings

1.3.1. Coins Funding Offline Over the counter Deposits Online Fund Transfers

1.3.2. Hub Vault Funding

1.3.3. Manual Bank Deposits for Freelance

2. Hub

2.1. Hub Expenses

2.1.1. Construction and Interior Expenses

2.1.2. Maintenance Material Expenses

2.1.3. Events Expenses Birthdays Outings and Team Buildings Social Events

3. Administrative

3.1. Auditing

3.1.1. Development and Misc Hub Expenses

3.1.2. Milestone Audits

3.1.3. Status Report Audits

3.1.4. ArticleMarket Order Logs and Reciept

3.1.5. Pantry Finance Logs

3.1.6. Salary Audits and Logs

3.1.7. Bills Payments

3.1.8. Amber Assistant Popups

3.1.9. Finance Budget

3.1.10. Finance Salary Release

3.1.11. Marketing Budget

3.2. Payroll and Personnel Ledger

3.2.1. Salary

3.2.2. Outsource Freelance Screening / Training Fulltime Screening / Training

3.2.3. In-House Stay-in Core Members Screening \ Training Salary Core Members Walk-In Salary

3.2.4. Hub Personnel Pantry Manager Pantry Assistant Freelance Assistants Outsource Contact List Sanitary Personnel Airconditioner Maintenance Electrician Plumber Carpenter / Masons Bookeeper Salary and Expenses Emergency Contacts Departments Tools

3.2.5. Core Members and Trainees Contact Info Updated Mobile Number Guardian Contact name and Number

3.3. Fund Manager

3.3.1. Wallets Wallet creation Create wallet Delete Wallet Edit Wallet Name and Description, you can add pics links etc. just like text editor type wallet logs Transaction Category Type of Transaction Wallet Types Time Deposit Amount Locked Deposit Normal Wallet Exchange Investments Wallet Funding Types Auto Withdraw Funding Manual Funding

3.3.2. Insurance

3.3.3. SSS, Pagibig, PhilHealth

3.3.4. Auditor Fund Manager Dashboard Approve Cash In Transactions Decline Cash In Transactions Approve Cash Out Transactions Decline Cash Out Transactions

4. Hub 1.A

4.1. Pantry

4.2. 3 Rooms

4.2.1. 1st - 14th bunkbeds

4.3. Interior Paint

4.4. Exterior Paint

4.5. 11 seat Office Space

4.5.1. 2 Split Type Aircon

4.6. 1 Big Room with T&BT

4.6.1. 1 Exhaust Fan

4.7. 1 small Office space

4.7.1. 1 2.5 split type Aircon

4.8. 1 Big Office Space

4.8.1. 3 2.5 HP Aircoin

4.9. Garden Roof Deck

5. Hub 1.B

5.1. Lobby

5.2. 4 Rooms

5.2.1. 15th - 28th bunkbeds 3 Exhaust Fans and Air Ducts

5.3. Interior Paint

5.4. Exterior Paint

5.5. Entertainment room / Library / Guestroom / Training Room

5.5.1. 1 2HP aircon

5.6. Workout Area

5.7. Covered Roof Deck with Griller

5.8. Tools and Cleaning shed

5.9. Laundry Area

5.9.1. Water Pump and Water Tank

5.10. 2 T&B 2nd floor

5.11. 2 T&B 3rd floor

6. Hub 2

7. Real Estate

8. Systems

8.1. Amber Assist System

8.1.1. Core Assist Status Report Message Blast To every Active member to every active member of a group to everyone online right now Client Message Log Search Project Search Client Profile Search Member Profile Calculate a project Writer Price Client Price Auto Generate Tasks Followup on tasks in progress Auto ban user from project set if rejected PopUps Status Report Verify Status Report Pool is empty (amber cried) You don't have projects in the pool Message logs User Profile Details Auto Generate Feedback Scripts

8.1.2. Freelance Tool Tips Top earners Daily Rewards Income Summary Project Pool Report Bugs Project Statuses Groups Referral Link Items shop My items Popups No coin Bank Notifications insufficient funds No Payment method selected Payment Method Not available

8.1.3. Screening Hub Popups Introduction Hello I'm Amber No coin Small Screen Size eLearning Upates 1st time grab 1st time submit Project Management Auto Comment Followup 24 hours Auto Comment Followup and warning 48 hours Auto Reject and Reassign after 72 hours Auto Comment if 5 days Auto Generate Project Set Auto Reject Pending Redo more than 24 hours

8.2. Screening System

8.2.1. Screening Hub Amber Assists Registration Novice Objectives

8.3. Ranking System

8.3.1. Objectives Writer Objectives Novice Objectives Junior Objectives Senior Objectives Expert Objectives Elite Objectives Editor Objectives Novice Objectives Junior Objectives Senior Objectives Expert Objectives Elite Objectives Taskmaster Objectives Novice Objectives Junior Objectives Senior Objectives Expert Objectives Elite Objectives

8.3.2. Groups Writer Incentive Editor Incentive Taskmaster Incentive

8.4. Currency System

8.4.1. Peso PHP

8.4.2. Coins

8.4.3. Reputation

8.5. eLearning System

8.5.1. Core Modules Core TOS Core Orientation W-core Module E-core Module T-core Module P-core Module

8.5.2. Freelance Modules English Basic General Orientation Items Shop Coins and Reputation Sentence Fragments Rewriting Tips SEO Basics English 2 Wordpress Basics Article Shop English 3 English 4 English 5 English 6 English 7

8.5.3. Module Composition Topic Exam

8.6. Items System

8.6.1. Event Items Seasons Item Gift Box Pumpkin Discount Coupon

8.6.2. One Time Use Lockpick Lockpick set Scraper Scraper set

8.6.3. Consumables Haggler's Pouch Merchant's Wallet Trader's Stash King's Vault Broken Spyglass Makeshift Spyglass Explorer's Telescope Interstellar Telescope Local Ledger National Ledger Continental Ledger Global Ledger

8.6.4. Permanent Golden Pen Thieves Pen Advocate’s Pen Gambler’s Pen Lucky Pen Senior Writer’s Pen Expert Writer’s Pen Elite Writer’s Pen

8.7. Fulltime System

8.7.1. Task Assignment Daily Quota Exclusively Assigned Directly

8.7.2. Qualification Fulltime Application Promoted by Overseer Pass screening hub

8.8. Project Pool

8.9. Freelance System

8.9.1. Task Assignment Project Grabbing Assigned by Taskmaster Group Filters

8.9.2. Qualification Pass screening hub

8.10. Withdrawal System

8.10.1. Paypal Withdarawal

8.10.2. Bank Withdrawals BPI BDO Unionbank Metrobank RCBC PNB Security Bank China Bank

8.11. Events System

8.11.1. Wordsmith Event Item Discount Coupon triggers if there are urgent projects or deadline of project set is 3 days near

8.11.2. Seasons Event Christmas Event Dec 1 - Jan 15 Item Haloween Event Oct 15 - Nov 30 Item Summer Event

8.12. Feedback System

8.12.1. Criteria Accuracy Quality Duration

8.12.2. Rules give 5 coins and 1 rep for 5 star average give 3 coins for 4 star average deduct 10 rep for rejected projects Ban user from project set if project is rejected

8.12.3. Items Feedback Scraper Feedback Scraper Set

8.13. Filter System

8.13.1. Recommended Group

8.13.2. Banned Group

8.13.3. User Recommend

8.13.4. User Ban

8.14. Groups System

8.14.1. Public Group Rules Site Updates Public Discussions Site Errors Trash

8.14.2. User Generated Group Group Updates Moderators Create Any Category Feature Trash

8.15. SMS Notification System

8.15.1. National Coverage send if Mobile is status success and National Location Chikka API Globe Smart Sun TM Talk and Text

8.15.2. Types of Notifications Passed Screening Project revision withdrawal released

8.15.3. SMS Analytics page

8.15.4. International Coverage

8.16. Email Notification System

8.16.1. Types of Notification Passed Screening Project revision withdrawal released

8.16.2. National Coverage

8.16.3. Email Analytics page

8.16.4. Send if Email is verified and International Location

8.17. Platform Notification System

8.17.1. Types of Notification Task Assigned Referrer Registered Task Revision Task Returned Task Comment Task Rejected New Update Task Approved Group Forum Reply Group Forum Comment Group Topic Posted Added as Group Member Group Update Promoted in Group Claimable Income Overrides Income Cash Bonus iShares Bonus Exchange Items Promotions

8.18. Top Earners

8.18.1. Daily

8.18.2. Alltime

8.19. Database Optimization Systems

8.19.1. Database backups Via Dropbox save

8.19.2. Notifications Cleaner User Notifications Cleaner Core Notifications Cleaner

8.19.3. Taskmaster board ID Auto Arranger

9. Project Pool

9.1. Freelance

9.1.1. Realtime Auto Refresh Pool

9.1.2. Filter Integration

9.1.3. Events Integration

9.1.4. Consistency Locks

9.1.5. Items Integration

9.2. Fulltime

9.2.1. Quota distribution

9.2.2. Exclusive project distribution

9.2.3. Overdue Creation

10. Production

10.1. Core Production Line Composition

10.1.1. Overseer Metrics System Overseer dashboard Odash Widgets Core Production line Cards Recruitment Settings Project Management

10.1.2. Account Executive Metrics System Account Executive Dashboard Project Management

10.1.3. Project Manager Metrics System Project Manager Dashboard Project Management

10.1.4. Trainees Expedite Writer Metrics System Expedite Editor Metrics System Project Assistant Metrics System Project Management Expedite Team Dashboard

10.2. Fund Manager

10.2.1. Salary Withdrawals

10.2.2. Insurance Deductions

10.2.3. SSS, Pagibig, Philhealth Contributions

10.3. Dividend System

10.3.1. iShares Exchange

10.3.2. Share Types Production Shares Founding / Consultancy Metrics Reliability Investment Shares

10.3.3. Auto Distribute Dividend

11. Development

11.1. Language / Skill Set

11.1.1. Programming Laravel PHP Javascript Jquery JSON HTML CSS Wordpress Unity

11.1.2. Designing Photoshop Illustrator

11.1.3. Mobile Android IOS

11.2. Workforce

11.2.1. Outsource Designer Front-end Developer Back-end Developer Consultant

11.2.2. In-house Designer Front-end Developer Back-end Developer

11.2.3. Salary

12. Marketing

12.1. Marketing Arm

12.2. Social Media

12.2.1. Daily Quotes

12.2.2. Hiring Online

12.2.3. Push Project Post via FB page API

12.3. SEO

12.4. Google Ads

12.5. Referral Marketing

12.5.1. Taskmaster Income Incentive

12.5.2. Coins Reward Incentive

12.5.3. Make shareable Withdrawal Notification

12.5.4. Make Shareable 4 -5 star Feedback

12.6. Link Building

12.7. Blog Network

12.8. Marketing Budget

13. Activities

13.1. Trainings

13.1.1. Training Types Skills Training Self Development Financial Literacy Creative Sessions

13.1.2. Training Incentives and Demerit 50 misc points for participant 150 misc points for trainer Reliability score Demerit 5,000

13.1.3. Training Terms Topic Needs to be approved Send Bullet form of topic Training Duration and Schedule 1 hour Discussion 1-2 hours Q&A 1st friday of the month 8:00pm Rules Deposit Mobile Phones upon entrance Attendance Sheet upon Entrance and Exit No Pets, No Food, Only water, No smoking, No nail-cutter, No sleeping. Make Introductions Greetings Speaker Buildup Topic Buildup Rules Speaker Introduction

13.2. Recreation

13.2.1. Team Outing Summer Outing Games Budget Anniversary Team Building Activities Dividend Distribution New Edition Apparel Distribution Budget Items Shop (anniv ticket)

13.2.2. Parties Christmas Party Budget Birthday Party Budget

14. ArticleMarket.io

14.1. ArticleMarket.io Instant Articles Vanilla Website

14.1.1. Paypal Payments integration Checkout Process

14.1.2. Search Instant Articles

14.2. ArticleMarket.io Custom Orders Via Taskmasters.io

14.3. ArticleMarket.io Sub Domain Shop Systems Instant Articles

15. Sharewealth

15.1. ResDev

15.1.1. Members Tasker April Jade Prince

15.1.2. Schedules Monthly Meeting 1st Thursday of the month 8:00 pm Quarterly Meeting During Monthly Meetings

15.2. Mission Vision

15.2.1. Vision: To become a vehicle towards financial freedom and give exclusive opportunities to people who are willing to maximize their potentials and seize invaluable growth and fulfillment.

15.2.2. Mission: To create business models that offer genuine value for all the stakeholders while upholding productivity, efficiency, integrity, and harmony.

15.2.3. Core Values: Productivity Efficiency Integrity Harmony

15.3. Business Models

15.3.1. Real Estate

15.3.2. Gameplay

15.3.3. Taskmasters.io

15.3.4. Articlemarket.io

16. Gameplay

17. Project Management

17.1. Create Project

17.1.1. Create Task

17.1.2. Create Milestone

17.1.3. Create New Client Create Client Notes

17.1.4. Create Filters Add Banned Members or Groups Add Recommended Members or Groups

17.2. Assign Users

17.2.1. Assign Writers

17.2.2. Assign Editors

17.3. Task Modifications

17.3.1. is Screening

17.3.2. Edit Task Quick Edit

17.3.3. Delete Task

17.3.4. Duplicate Task

17.4. Amber Assists

17.4.1. Auto Generate Tasks

17.4.2. Auto Reject Tasks if Pending redo is more than 24 hours

17.5. Project Editing

17.5.1. Pass Project Feedback System Group Filters Final Attachments

17.5.2. For Revision Pending Redo Amber auto reject and duplicate 24 hour projects SMS system Notification

17.5.3. Reject Project Amber auto duplicated Rejected Task