Begin a cold contact drip campaign

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Begin a cold contact drip campaign by Mind Map: Begin a cold contact drip campaign

1. Lead magnet roadmap

1.1. 1st

1.1.1. Checklist

1.1.2. script / article

1.2. 2nd

1.2.1. Cheatsheet

1.2.2. toolkit /article

1.3. 3rd

1.3.1. Template

1.3.2. web app / article

1.4. 4th

1.4.1. Swipe file, 100% ready to go asset

1.4.2. resource list

1.5. 5th

1.5.1. examples

1.5.2. calendar

1.6. Begin creating the following lead magnets

1.6.1. Ask James to review Create 5 subject lines give James education material to use for when he writes 5 titles give him concept behind each email. Send outline of marketing department

1.6.2. send 5 emails

1.6.3. Useful Lead Magnets Educational Lead Magnets Entertaining Lead Magnets Community-Building Lead Magnets Bottom of Funnel Lead Magnets

1.6.4. What is a lead magnet Read this 69 Highly Effective Lead Magnet Ideas to Grow Your Email List (Updated)

1.6.5. each email contains 2 lead magnets one is link to info graph, /pdf meaty one is link to evergreen article

1.6.6. simplicity sells Is what you have done simplest

2. funnel

2.1. interested

2.1.1. In Stage 1, we’ll send a welcome email that is designed to welcome them to the family, indoctrinate them into our brand, and encourage them to make their first purchase. downloadable content sign ups and email follow ups Seasonal Promotions Campaigns based on where they were on the website longest Search abandonment Purchase Abandonment Newsletters Site Abandonment Product blasts

2.2. Engaged

2.2.1. In Stage 2, we’ll optimize our transactional emails to provide product recommendations based on what they just bought. course follow ups email campaigns product specific newsletters Newsletter signup, welcome email Purchase onboarding welcome Client cancel email campaigns

2.3. Lasped

2.3.1. In Stage 3, we’ll send a reengagement campaign that unsubscribes people if they don’t respond. no emgagement little engagement

2.4. no engagement

3. Where to target them

3.1. good reasources- complete guide The Ultimate Guide to Ecommerce Email Marketing

3.1.1. Part 1 – The Tools of an Ecommerce Email Marketing Strategy (Published December 9th, 2015)

3.1.2. Part 2 – Ecommerce Email Marketing Campaign Roadmap – Stage 1 (Published January 19th, 2016)

3.1.3. Part 3 – Ecommerce Email Marketing Campaign Roadmap – Stage 2 (Published February 2nd, 2016)

3.1.4. Part 4 – How Ecommerce Companies Like Amazon, Bonobos and Drive Millions With Email Marketing (Published March 24th, 2016)

3.1.5. Part 5 – The 3 Highest Converting Behavioral Emails In 2017 (Other Than Cart Abandonment) (Published October 10, 2017)

4. Create the 5 emails

4.1. I have them already, just change the lines that need updating

4.2. D. send to james - Create the subject lines

5. Get email system working

5.1. Mautic

5.1.1. Check with Jozef Keller on his progress Finished or not? Ask for a timeframe

5.1.2. If not double check with bluehost and use that instead

5.1.3. remove mailwizz from my mail server

6. Gameplan for implementation

6.1. 27,000

6.1.1. Drip email campaign email campaigns are the ewasiest thing to do Email #1

6.2. Get another 27,000

6.3. Get segmented results based on job titles

6.4. Get details of all your leads

6.5. Get actual company email addresses

6.6. connect on all social channels