Codes and Conventions of a pop music video-

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Codes and Conventions of a pop music video- by Mind Map: Codes and Conventions of a pop music video-

1. The mise en scene of the music video relies greatly on the genre of the music. The props and costumes help to set the mood of the video. An example of how mise en scene has effected two pop videos which are completely different. Bruno Mars's 24 carrot magic music video, he used a lot of bling such as gold chains and other luxury items in order to connect the music video with his lyrics all about having money and buying nice things. However on the other Hand Adele's music video Someone like you, uses black and white colouring in order to set the tone of her reflecting on her past and her emotions.

2. Editing:

2.1. The editing in a pop music video can vary depending on the artist and genre of their music. For example Sam Smith tends to have slower paced music such as " too good at goodbyes". The editing for this music video is slow in order to keep in time with the music and to make the editing fit the mood of the song. However some pop artists such as Taylor Swift require fast paced editing to fit her up beat songs such as " shake it off". If the editing were to be slow for this songs music video they would be out of sync with each other. The editing needs to match the beat of the song, usually the editing will change on the beat and will show something that matches up with the lyrics, normally the editing will be influenced by the main artist and follow all of their activities so that they feature in the video.

3. Voyeurism

3.1. Voyeurism is most used in pop music videos, where woman are shown in a sexual nature throughout the video. Now a days this is used by both male and female artists in different ways. One way in which voyeurism is used in music videos is to attract people, usually if the music video is aimed at girls people will add voyeurism in to attract a male audience. One example of this is Despacito, in this music video the main artists are male which can appeal to the female audience and throughout a lot of girls wearing short/tight clothes are also featured to attract the male audience. Another way in which voyeurism can be used is to tell a story, for example in Beyoncé's if I were a boy there are scenes where herself and another featured female part were wearing revealing clothing or hardly any however this was not used in order to attract people to her video it was used to show the story of her betrayal and also the vulnerability of her character. A final way voyeurism can be used is in order to show freedom and individualism of an artist, an example of this is Miley Cyrus's wrecking ball where she isn't wearing many clothes however it represents her freedom and again vulnerability.

4. Mise en scene

5. In pop music videos the shots are constantly changing, mostly due to the fact that pop videos have a narrative performance so we need lots of shots in order to follow the storyline. Close ups are used frequently in order to show the emotions of the artist, an example of this is Miley Cyrus's Wrecking ball close ups are used to show her heartbreak and there is also a well remembered close up of a tear falling down her face and her licking a sledge hammer. A lot of wide shots and establishing shots are used to show the setting of the music video.

6. This is another main feature to include in a pop music video. As pop artists target audience are youthful and follow and are up to date with trends, it is important that pop artists incorporate current trends into their videos. An example of this is Taylor Swifts 'bad blood' music video. Her music video included some similarities to the recent film out at the time Tron meaning fans of the film and Taylor Swift would be drawn to the music video. She also had a lot of popular celebrities at the time featuring in the music video meaning fans of them will watch the music video and listen to her music.

7. Narrative and audience

7.1. The target audience for a pop music video are Teenagers, young adults up to around mid 20's. This then alters their narrative in order to appeal to their target audience. The narrative of a pop music video usually entails story's about being young, for example Katy Perry's T.G.I.F music video is all about being young and having fun and it is a very well known music video as her target audience were drawn to it. Another popular narrative is break up's a well known artist for using this topic is Taylor Swift whose songs and music video follow the storyline of a bad break up, which suits her target audience as they are of ages where they are going through the stage of breakups allowing her target audience to relate to her.

8. Setting

8.1. Setting is really important for pop music videos, if the setting is boring, untreatable or undesirable then the artists target audience wont be drawn to watch it. Artists often use settings where there target audience want to go or want to have. In t he popular music video Despacito features a lot of holiday destinations such as sunny beaches etc. Night clubs are also shown a lot in music videos usually relating to the genre of the song and whether it is upbeat or not. Bruno Mars in his most recent album uses a lot of locations such as mansions and other rich settings relating to the target audience who desire money and material objects.

9. Intertextuality

10. Cinematogrophy